WHY The Stepping Stones? 

     This site hopefully will be informative for, and helpful to you. Your comments on articles are welcomed. You are encouraged to suggest topics that you would like to see covered in future posts. This site will contain articles about life, it’s difficulties, it’s traps, and our response to these. The pitfalls that we face are the stumbling blocks that prevent us from reaching the well balanced, joyful life that we all crave. We will investigate why the sadness, and the joys that we feel.  In short, there will be articles about how our lives challenge us to get insights into our lives, into our world. All of this will be focused on Christ and Christian beliefs. This is not to say that only Christians should come and visit here.

     All of us, regardless of our religious beliefs, have the driving goal to lead our lives in a manner that we are proud of, and that our God expects. All of us struggle to get our lives in order. We struggle to rid ourselves of some problem, some worry, some activity that is not only robbing us of our future, but destroying our present. Here, our philosophy of life, as it were, is put to the test. Here we can measure ourselves, our actions, yes even our goodness to see if what we are, what we have become, is really what we should be. We need only be honest with ourselves.

     We hope that you will look at this site as a place to repose, to rest, to feel comfortable and to grow.