abortion and self

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Three days ago I had the good fortune to attend a Pro Life Mass at my church. The homily really opened my eyes. I always knew that abortion was wrong, and couldn’t understand why those favoring it were so adamant about their stance. Didn’t they see it was murder? Couldn’t they understand that a life was being destroyed?

What I didn’t see, what I didn’t understand was that people in that position were not looking at the fetus. Their thoughts were not directed inward towards the womb, towards the life they were shutting down. They did not care about the potential that this baby’s life had. Who might this person become? What bright future does this child have for the world? What, dare I say, is God’s plan for THIS child? No, their focus is directed elsewhere. Their sole concern is the affect that this baby will have on their situation, their life, their freedom. How do we become so self-centered, so self-absorbed that another life counts for nothing?

It takes a lifetime to arrive at this totally negative condition. It begins when we are small and insist on getting our way. We want things done so that they please us. Our parents, out of a misdirected love, grant us our wishes. And so, our desires, our needs, our wants become the sole satisfying driving force. Day after day, year after year we want and get our way. Our God becomes unimportant. Our lifestyle is totally predicated on our needs. “God”, you say?? What God?? I am God!! I call the shots. I do what I want. I satisfy my own expectations. I don’t need God. Life is too short to worry about anyone, or anything else.

And so, we become an island unto ourselves. The lives, the needs, the pains and worries of others do not matter to us. These “things” only matter when they collide with our island. We become so alone, so self-absorbed that we do not even know how to look at our own motives, anymore. Well, that’s not really true. We do look at our motives, but those motives have become singular in nature. Our motive for living, for doing things, for acting the way we do is based on one need…self-satisfaction. That self-satisfaction has become so important, so demanding that we find it very difficult to even question our own motives. “It is too difficult, it is too tiring. I just get to a blank wall and then I stop”. And so, the isolation of self continues.

There is really only one way to break this free fall, this spiral downwards. God has given to each and every one of us a purpose. Our life is totally different from any others. We are not meant to be focused inward on ourselves, but rather to be concerned about other people. Love goes outward, not inward, not back at self. God really and truly is LOVE and has given us Himself. We are not rocks, nor trees, nor irrational animals, but living breathing thoughtful human beings. We have emotions, and thoughts and most important of all free will. All of these are to be used to find and follow our purpose in life. And, we do have a purpose with our life. God has given us this purpose to find our way back to Him.

How do we do that? How do we find our way BACK to Him? We follow our life, the life that God has intended for us, the good that we do for, and to, others. This is our life’s purpose. To bring goodness and love to others, this is what our life is meant to be. This is God’s Divine plan! A world that is concerned about other, a world that loves other, this is what God has intended from the beginning of time.

Oh, yes, that baby, that unwanted baby, he/she is also part of God’s plan. God has a purpose for that baby, as well. We may not know it, nor see it, nor ever know it, but there is a plan; there is a purpose. It is not our right to say this baby is not needed. God needs it to fulfill His purpose. Fulfill your purpose, by loving one another, even the unborn.

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