Meet Jesus

Did you ever look at the different ways the four Gospels begin? Matthew begins with the Genealogy of Christ and the virgin birth. Mark skips the birth and conception, and goes right to John the Baptist baptizing in the desert. Luke, like Matthew, addresses the virgin birth and also the conception of John the Baptist. John goes directly to the Divinity of Christ and John’s heralding of the Messiah.

Why is, any of, this pertinent to today’s post? Mark does not address the conception, or the birth of Jesus or John. He does not address genealogy. He goes right to the heart, to the beginning of the Christ’s public life. Before the first chapter concludes, Mark has addressed Christ’s purpose, His baptism, the manifestation of God’s approval. He shows Jesus curing people who have come to Him, and casting out devils. And Mark depicts the questions and doubts of some who are witnessing the actions of Jesus. All of this in the first 45 verses of Chapter One!

To these same doubters, by the time we reach Mark’s second chapter, he shows Jesus telling them…. AND US, “I came not to call the just, but sinners”. The healthy don’t need the doctor, but it is the sick. Think about it, who has not committed a sin? Who is walking this earth and is perfect? No one! We are all in need of what it is that Jesus offers. We all have our imperfections, our sins, and our pasts that we try not to think about. These are not mentioned to bring us down, to make us squirm. No, He wants all of us to know that He truly loves and understands our weaknesses. But he does want us to know and face those weaknesses.

Louis Evely, in his book, “That Man is You”, points to the Samaritan woman at the well. She exclaimed to her fellow townspeople, “‘Come and see: I’ve met someone who told me everything I’ve ever done’… In revealing Himself to her through His words, He also revealed to her who she was.” The beauty of what Jesus is offering is not just Himself, but our recognition of who and what we are. For, it is only in knowing Him, that we can truly know who we are; know what we are. How can any of us grow, if we don’t know where we are, what we are starting from? It is only through Him that we have the courage to truly look at ourselves, our motives, our cravings, and our fears.

These are not just fancy words. This is not being said because it looks good, or looks right. How else except with Jesus’ love, do we have the courage to view our actions, and our motives? He did not come to chastise us. He did not walk this earth to shame us. He came to give us His love, to shower us with it, to immerse us in it. It is only with His support, that we can have the courage to question our motives, our actions. In short, in knowing Him and His goodness, we have the luxury of looking at and understanding ourselves. He reveals us to ourselves.

The question then is, “How do I get to know Him better?” He has walked this earth. He has manifested Himself to the world. He has shown us the way to live, the truth about life and that He is the life. God has left His Word with us. The Bible is not just a book. It has instructed and caressed each and every civilization that has ever existed. It has brought peoples close to their God. It continues to reveal God to all who immerse themselves in this wondrous volume. The Bible doesn’t just come alive to us, but it reveals to us, ourselves. For in knowing our God, in knowing about his Love for us, we receive the courage to face ourselves and embrace our God that much tighter. In the reading of the Bible, we can see Jesus interacting with us, and we can see our interaction with Him, as well. What better way to get to know Jesus, than to converse with Him directly? Meet Him in the Bible.

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