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A Meal With Friends


We are sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with friends. Every now and then a chuckle is heard within the room. We don’t even have to look, because we know who the person is that is laughing. There is always a smile on his face, and this evening is no exception. He pushes his chair back and stands up. Looking at each of us, he raises a glass of wine. He indicates that we should all do the same, and so we do, as we, too, stand up. He smiles, makes a toast and after putting his glass down, he looks at each of us, as if searching our very soul. His look tells us that what follows next will be very serious.

The room is suddenly very quiet. We listen, waiting in anticipation, for what he is about to say. And then, he quietly speaks, “I will die tonight. Nothing can stop this from happening. But there is no cause for you to be alarmed, this must happen, so that you can believe in me. I will come back to you after a few days.” We are shocked. We cannot comprehend these words. We don’t understand why he would say such a thing. To a person, we all think we have misunderstood the words he just spoke. If we really heard correctly, then we have to re-assess what has been happening over these last three years of our friendship with him.

Now, go back some 2,000 years. Put yourself in that room with Jesus, as they celebrated the feast of Passover. The events that led up to that evening were kind of similar to what was narrated above. Jesus veiled His words by speaking of destroying the temple and that He would re-build it in three days. But these were just words…weren’t they? He speaks of the bread and wine being His Body and Blood. What is He trying to tell us? Confused, you leave the room with Him and follow Him to Gethsemane. He is snatched from you and the others. Tried in a kangaroo court, He is condemned to death and dies on a cross. What do you do, now? Go back to that room, and hide. “If they did that to Him what will they do to me?” This is on everyone’s mind.

It was only after Jesus came back to them, and shows them His wounds, could they begin to understand. They reflected on His life, His words, and His actions and began piecing them together as they would a puzzle. Slowly, they realized the purpose of this Man’s life, and thus their own purpose, as well. But still they were afraid. It is only when the Holy Spirit comes to them do they fully believe and understand.

Like the Apostles, we are no different. In order for us to understand our purpose, our reason for existence, why God created our unique personality we must look to the Christ. Who is He? Do I believe He truly walked this earth? Why do I think He came? What is my relationship with Him? Does He want something from me? What? It is only by posing these questions to our self and honestly seeking out their answers can we begin to understand ourselves. Just like the Apostles, we must try to put the life of Jesus in proper perspective.

His words are meant for us to ponder: “For this was I born, and for this I came into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth hears my voice.” (John 18:37). We cannot kid ourselves any longer. Do we want to know the truth? Do we really want to know who we are? We are the only ones that can make this decision.

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Love God and Man

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How do we know we are loved? Truly loved? That is a difficult question to answer. It isn’t difficult because of what we are asking ourselves, but rather, because it is our self that we are asking. The question is straightforward enough. But we can conjure up all kinds of answers, and explanations that lead us down paths that only we can imagine.

Let’s look back to our parents, or friends that we grew up with. Think of people we have hurt and offended. This is where the question will be answered. For you see, true love always forgives. Love does not look at the offense to self, but rather at the person who is struggling, who is doing the offending. We see the love of mom cradling us in her arms, when we have fallen and cut or scraped our knees. We see the sorrowful pain in her silent eyes when we express our anger or discontent and know we have hurt a loving parent. It is our friends that say to us sincerely, “That’s alright I know you didn’t mean it.” They show us love. It is eventually our own failures, our own problems that lead us to the awareness of who loves us.

God’s love is exactly the same way. He has created each of us with a purpose in mind. How many billions of people have not been born into this world, and yet we were. Why us? What is special about us, you and me? We really cannot answer that. We won’t know the answer, nor even understand the question until we meet God face to face. Then we will be shown why we were created and what gifts were given to us. At that point we will know what we could have or should have done in this life, and maybe, even if we will have done it. We really won’t know until that final moment of understanding. We all cringe at the thought that maybe we have run out of time.

But, this writing is not meant to be a scare tactic to awaken us out of our lethargy, nor a shaking of our shoulders to wake up. No. It is truly meant to be a positive moment in our lives. For you see, each of us already knows why we were created. We already know what our purpose in life is. The Bible tells us in Jesus’ words, “For whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.” There it is: our purpose, our goal, our act of love back to God. He is in each of us. He breathed His Spirit into us, all of us. He knows our problems, our worries, our hurts, dislikes, and unkindness. He knows our thoughts, our sinful thoughts, our demeaning actions, and yet He loves us! He loves us in spite of our selfishness. What manner of God is this? He is waiting for the light to go on inside our heart, not our brain, for it is in our heart where His love resides. When that light does go on, we will understand what is special about us, what talents we have been given. These talents are what we will bring to others… OUT OF LOVE and caring.

For whatever we do to the least, we do to Him! We are to see Him in everyone we pass on the street. Every person who seems to have a health problem, a moral problem, a cleanliness problem, an agonizing problem, an irritating problem…the list is endless. Too often we see the problem and not the person suffering. If we look into the eyes of these people we will see a suffering Christ waiting for a response, maybe it is our response?? How do we know that it is us, that we are the one to do something? We really don’t. But how can we give our love back to God if we do nothing but look away? What are we inclined to do? What, inside us, urges us to act? What would we like to do? It takes courage to be a Christian. We must lose our own inhibitions. Start to look at people, for what they really are, as persons who just might need our talents, as God asking you to return the gift of your talents back to Him.

It is not a grandiose action that is being asked of us. No, it is nothing like that. It is simply a kind act, a loving act, a caring and concerned action. To extend one’s hand to someone in need, in an offering of help, of true concern, of love can lead to all sorts of things. These might be involvement with others, empathy for others, even a deeper love for others. And in this, we give our love back to God. To do nothing is …

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God hand

This is kind of a continuation of yesterday’s post, “God Walks With Us”. In it we spoke of how we allow our feelings, whether good or bad, to determine our outlook on ourselves. But how we feel is NOT a determination of how we are! And it is definitely NOT how God views us. If we feel righteous, or good about ourselves, we automatically think that God is pleased with us. I don’t believe that that is how it works. I can feel very righteous while disgustedly looking down on a beggar or a sinner. But God looks at all three, myself, the beggar, and the sinner and loves us all. (Actually, we ARE all three.) So what is being said here, is “Don’t be fooled by what you feel. We are not how we feel”.

For a moment, think of who God is to you! What does He really mean to you? Right now…stop reading and answer the question: Who or What is God to me? Don’t answer the question with the tried and true answers. Understand where you place God in YOUR scheme of things. Is He an afterthought? Is it belief or ritual that we are holding on to? This is a question we all must eventually ask and answer honestly. It is a question that we all must understand, and answer because of its implications. This question, when answered, sheds light on our relationship with our Creator. There is a relationship between Him and you, between Him and me, and between Him and us. It is a relationship like a parent with their children. However, this parent is perfect. The love, the tenderness, the concern of This Parent for His children is perfect, constant and infinite.

Let’s now return to our feelings and who we are. Some of the holiest prayers are said when we are discouraged, torn by strife and worries, and ashamed. We cannot always FEEL like praying. We cannot always have that warm and bubbly attitude that goes along with happiness. Does this mean we stop praying? Do we stop thinking about our God? (If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that I am speaking from experience, because I did stop.) A prayer does not have to be formal. It does not require specific words and phrases. It requires only expressions from the heart directed to a God who we trust.

A sigh, then, is an extremely good example of a prayer. What travels along with a sigh? Usually a sigh comes from our heart, burdened with sorrow and grief. “Where do I turn?” we ask ourselves. We struggle with our doubts, our worries, our fears and we feel hopeless, helpless. And, for some strange reason the heaviness of our hearts prevents us from talking to our God, our Creator. The Being who totally understands us, who desires nothing but to put His arms around us, we shun and feel uncomfortable to talk with. Is it shame that prevents us? Is it pride? I really don’t know the answer. I only know that we do avoid Him.

Because this happens to each and every one of us, I would suggest that all of us pray this prayer every morning of our lives. We may not feel like praying, but the entire day that we suffer through, struggle with and endure, we can make into our prayer to our God. This I believe helped me in my most recent struggle with dryness of the heart.

Brown Scapular Prayer of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

O my God, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary (here kiss the Brown Scapular), I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Jesus from all the altars throughout the world, joining with it my every thought, word and action of this day. O my Jesus, I desire today to gain every indulgence and merit I can, and I offer them, together with myself, to Mary Immaculate, that she may best apply them to the interests of Thy Most Sacred Heart.

Precious Blood of Jesus, save us! Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Amen.

It is very difficult to offer God those harsh thoughts, cruel words and hurtful actions that we do throughout the day.

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God’s Love, happy, How we feel, our purpose in life, sad, self-pity, Trust, Trust in God

good shepherd

I was alone with my thoughts and was thinking about some things that were going on in my life. They were really not important, but they were in my head. I was thinking about a chess game that I was playing with my son, via internet. I was thinking about some work that I was really into, and was glad that it was finally getting done. None of these were really earth-shattering issues. During this probing, however, I thought about God. I hadn’t thought about Him in a really long time. (Proof of that is my lack of blogging.)

I thought about God!! Why then? Why at that point? I want to share with you, what I really feel was an enlightenment. I hadn’t thought about God, or salvation, or goodness in a long time. So….Why now???? I believe it was because my attitude had changed; my disposition had improved. I didn’t do the improving, I was just the recipient of those kinder feelings. I was feeling better about myself, and so I could, so to speak, look at and think about God, without too much shame, or guilt. Realize this, though: God had not changed. He was still loving and guiding me. But at that point, since I was feeling better about myself, I guess I was more disposed to think about God. Not really sure of the reason. Did I think that I wouldn’t feel as much embarrassment? Was it because, I felt more positive about myself?

I think there is a lesson here for all of us. We get down on ourselves. We are submerged in our sorrow, our worries, our guilt, our tiredness, our frustration. All of this presses in on us and we feel like we are drowning. We cannot look at others with love and concern. How can we? We don’t feel that love or concern for ourselves, let alone for others. We are drowning in our own problems, our own frustrations, and our own loneliness. And, the devil smiles, he is winning another soul.

It doesn’t have to be this way. God, a God of love, stepped into our world to show us how to live, how to treat others. And, all the while, He is letting us know that He understands our plight. He walks beside us, loving us and guiding us. He sees all that bogs us down and we read the words, in Matt 9:36: “…And seeing the multitudes, he had compassion on them: because they were distressed, and lying like sheep that have no shepherd.”

We are distressed. We see, ONLY, our own plight, our own problems. And this shortsightedness truly robs us of the joy of Christianity. These worries steal our identity and cause us to fall back into the grips of despair. In trusting only ourselves we become tangled in this mire of hopelessness. Wake up! ALL of us need to WAKE UP!! Our pride is killing us. How we feel is not indicative of our worth.  It does not say that we are doing the right thing. We are happy, and thus we are good? We are distressed, and we are bad. Is that it? If that is the case then we should endeavor to do everything that makes us feel good…and the devil smiles, once again.

Christ came here, into our world, not because He could, but because He loves us, you and me. God shows us again and again, that He really does love us. He shows us how to live, how to act, and how to treat others. But, if we do not believe it, if we choose to wallow in our own self-pity then we are ignoring the path to Christian joy. Oh, we might think we are doing the right thing, but in reality, we are just wallowing in our own self-pity; we are ignoring the truth and reality that Jesus brings to this world, (to you and me).

The sorrows that we feel, the sadness that life brings us, the worries and concerns that flood our minds, when all is said and done, these are nothing but distractions from our God. Evil does exist in this world. We should know. We have brought it into our world; and, then beat our breasts because we are weighed down by it. It is difficult to turn the boat around and start paddling upstream. But really, why are we here? Why do we exist? What purpose and plan does this loving God have for each one of us? We are not the masters of this world. We are placed here to grow in our love for our God. To do so is to trust Him. Trust in such a way so that all that burdens us, that weighs down on us, and that saddens us are recognized for what they are: “obstacles that draw us away from our God, our purpose in life”… and the devil knowingly smiles.

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Our Purpose in Life

Lord, you are so beautiful. You and you alone will satisfy my hunger. All that you have created is beautiful. Why do I not seek you out, every moment of the day? Why am I only thinking of myself? Every time we rush to get ahead of someone, we think only of ourselves. Every time we lust after a woman or a man, we think only of ourselves. We don’t care about the other person. We wish only to use them for our satisfaction, for our pleasure. We hate. We steal. We abuse. We murder. When do we do all of these things? Whenever, we put our own interests above those of other people.

Why is this so? All that I desire should be you and you alone. But, very often, you are farthest from my thoughts. This world, our world, your world is filled with such beauty. We would see it, if we would but only stop for a moment and quietly look. Every tree, every flower, butterfly, lady bug, squirrel, rabbit, everything …has a purpose. We have a purpose. I have a purpose. If this were a painting, each aspect of it would occupy an integral part. But, this IS a painting…Your painting. And each of us has a role to play, a purpose. You have created this world for the benefit of mankind. Its beauty reflects your own beauty. It is your gift.

Each of us has been created and is part of your loving, divine plan. Each of us has a purpose in your creation. And yet, our lives many times shout out, “To hell with my purpose”. I want only to satisfy myself. And in so doing, THAT has become our sole purpose, our own satisfaction, our own gratification. In short we are saying, “To hell with others and their needs, only I matter.” You do matter. You are important to others. Others are important to you. We are the dots of paint that blend into the entire theme of life. We are part of creation. We depend upon others and others depend upon us. You cannot abandon other people. To do so, you will abandon the purpose of your life.

If God can cry, or hurt, or be disappointed, we can only imagine what is felt when we and all that we do are seen by God. His love for us is infinite. His patience for us is infinite. His just reward for us will also be infinite. This is not to discourage us, but rather to help us grow and come closer to Him. The only way we can do that is to pursue our purpose in life, the purpose He gave us when creating us.

You say that you don’t know what your purpose in life is? He has told us through His Word, His Son and His Spirit. The Scriptures cry out in every passage about the love of God, the mercy of God or the justice of God. Jesus, his Son, said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. He has shown us how to live, how to act, how to grow close to God. The Spirit of God fills us continually with His love. What is our reaction to all of these? Do we look within and see our faults, our waywardness. When we see this do we try, really try, to resolve our ways? Do we burn inside with a desire to reach out for God? Do we realize that in reaching out to our fellow man, (the rest of creation), we reach out to God, Himself? Or… do we turn our heads away? Do we rationalize how good we are most of the time? Do we favorably compare our self to others? At least I am not like…

Why Are You…. YOU?

Hello….??? Rise and Shine!!! It’s time to wake up…… And, so begins (sort of) our emergence from death’s sleep into …eternity. Who is standing before us when we are awakened? Is it an angel? Is it someone from our past? It wouldn’t be God…. Could it? There must be a hierarchy even in death. Who (or what) wakes us into eternity?

That is something we will discover when we read the eternal blog. Until then, maybe we should think a little about death, our death. This is not intended to be a morbid subject. Actually, I hope that it is anything BUT morbid. I used to know a priest friend that meditated on death. He had a full scale skeleton in his room. He did teach medical doctors about the anatomy of mankind, and hence, the skeleton.

Anyway, I digress. You may wonder what value is there in thinking about the hereafter. This is not an exercise to scare us into proper living, or ethical actions. This is just a reminder that an eternity does exist. This is to call back from the depths of our earliest memories, the fact that God, a loving God, created us with a purpose. He made this purpose unique for each one of us. Look at yourself in a mirror. There is something special about you, something that God gave to only you. That, “specialness”, entails a quality of thought, of feeling, of longing that you, and only you, have. And depending on that “specialness”, is a single purpose that you, and only you, have.

We need to examine our life. We need to look back and identify all the times, the many times, that God’s finger touched us. Those times, that God was involved with our life, may have guided us away from danger, or gently gave us another option to choose. However it was, whatever it was, His love for us moved Him in our behalf. Love is a strange commodity. It demands that the lover is ready to give all, just to help the one loved. The same demand exists for our God. His creatures, mankind, you and I are so totally loved by Him that He did give His all for us.

So what is it, that we have, that makes God take such an active interest in our life? An artist does not worry, or sacrifice for his creation, his art. Why would God be concerned about us? Worry for us? Die for us? I believe it all goes back to that single purpose that each of us have. Someone exists in this world whose path has crossed, or will cross, ours. That someone needs something which we have. His life depends on that single purpose which God has given to our life. Each person in this world has a need for someone else’s single purpose. And so, a web-like connection exists between all peoples. It is love that binds us together, that prompts us to be concerned about others. And through that love we are able to give what we have been given.

So why are we … here on earth? What is our purpose in life? God surely did not create mankind to see who could acquire more wealth than anyone else. God doesn’t jump for joy, just because we have more technical toys than others. The quest, for mankind’s purpose, is one that is very obvious and yet most difficult to attain. To discover our purpose in life, probably takes a life time. And the only way we can discover it is to see where God has been guiding us throughout that lifetime. What  thoughts, feelings and longings seem to be consistent, and constant, in our lives. Our life’s overall direction and the intertwining of those feelings and thoughts that we seem to always have, together they help us determine our purpose in life. They seem to be a compass showing us the direction our lives are headed, showing us what God has given to us to pass on to others.

We want to live so that our purpose is fulfilled. We want our lives to cry out that we thank our God. And, we do thank Him, whenever we treat ALL of His creatures with genuine love and concern for THEIR well-being. We give to our fellow man, whatever it is that we have, whatever it is that we have been blessed with, whatever it is that we have learned throughout our lifetime. We give ourselves.

So, who is it that is waking us up into eternity? Is it a smiling God, beaming with pride, that this creature found their purpose in life? Is it all the people that we helped throughout our lifetime? I hope so. I truly hope so.