First in a 3 part series on God and Mankind

God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is through a feeling, an unexpected thought, or a word spoken to us by someone we hardly know. Truthfully, He speaks to us often throughout our lifetime. However, we are not always ready to listen. Listening, that’s the hard part for all of us. Let me describe a chain of events that happened recently. My sister, Lil, was talking, over the phone, with a very good friend of our family. During that conversation, the friend asked her, “Do you really believe that the bread and wine at the Mass are the Body and Blood of Christ? Or, do you think of them just as a symbol of Jesus?” She stated that because of her faith, she believes that they are truly the Body and Blood of Jesus. Well, that started this chain of events. After the phone call, Lil mentioned the conversation to me. As she was talking, I felt a strong desire to have been part of that conversation. I wanted to talk to our friend, so very much.

In that desire to speak with him, I realized that it is very likely that this stance of the bread and wine being only symbolic of Jesus can be held by many… maybe even by many Catholics, as well. Lil answered in the only way that any Catholic could. It is our faith that guides us to our belief in Christ’s physical presence in the consecrated Bread and Wine. We cannot analyze it or prove it. This chain of events brought me to write this post. I can only say that it is NOT to be construed as a proof that Christ is physically present in the bread and wine. It is an explanation that revolves around my belief, my faith.

The existence of a soul, or of God, Himself, cannot truly be proven solely with logic. To assert the existence of God and of the soul, a leap of faith is required; it must always be present. But logic can aid us in the realization that God must exist, that mankind has a special quality, enjoyed by no other aspect of creation. With faith and logic, we believe and know that God really does exist. He really does love us. We believe and know that He created us differently than all of the rest of creation. The presence of our mind, and will and soul urge us and lead us to the feet of God.

How do the existence of God and the Mass come together? How does one lead to the other. I will try to explain how my belief and my thoughts come together. Without faith, however, the explanation, is just so many words, is meaningless.

The following statements have had reams written about them. There is not enough time or space to document the whys and wherefores of these statements. They are fairly basic statements and hope you can easily agree on the following:

1- There is a God, He exists, and He was not created.
2- God is Infinite.
3- He is infinitely good. (Can do no evil)
4- God has every positive quality, to an infinite degree.
5- Love is one of the positives that God has.
6- God existed before any material thing came into existence.
7- God created the world and mankind. He is the prime mover.
8- God crated mankind with a soul, and free will.
9- Through man’s free will, man can choose evil over good.
10- God loves us with an infinite love.

These ten statements have a profound significance for each one of us. Read each one again, and reflect on each one. Ask yourself, “What do these words mean to me”? “Do they mean anything to me”? Spend some time on each numbered line. So what if it takes you awhile? Each line offers help in the understanding of your own relationship with God. After you feel comfortable with each one, then go to the next. When you have finished the review of the ten statements, tomorrow’s post will be waiting for you. Don’t be ashamed to spend some time with these, because they are at the core of our relationship with our God.

Tomorrow Link to: GOD AND MAN Part 2

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