Judge the Living and the Dead

(10th in a series of a presentation on The Apostles Creed)

These are strange words. Anthropomorphic speech is the attributing to God the characteristics of man. So we might say, God weeps, or God suffers pain. In our Creed, God is portrayed as having hands. Jesus is portrayed as sitting down beside God. These words are not, intended to convey an actual fact, but rather they depict a place of highest honor. The right hand side has always been considered the place of highest regard, throughout the Old and New Testaments. Our frail human words limp when trying to represent what place Jesus, the God-Man, has with respect to God. Let me re-phrase that (my words limp even more so). God doesn’t sit beside God. But Jesus, the human nature of Jesus, holds such a high esteem that He is placed in the position of honor beside God, the Father Almighty.

We continue on with the phrase that He will judge the living and the dead. This is not to be watered down. There will be a judgment. It will not be a time when we can make excuses, or point to someone else. The judgment will be real. God is merciful, God is loving, and God is also just. Concerning Divine Mercy Sunday, Jesus says, “… this is a time for my Mercy, My Ocean of Mercy.” He goes on to say that the time is coming for His Justice. We dwell on these words, and we can feel our very blood chill. For we know ourselves, and so thoroughly depend on His Mercy.

In the book “Mist of Mercy”-1, in the section on Purgatory, April 26, 2006, it says, “The soul sees the truth in God’s presence. God’s light is so revealing, so complete and perfect, that there is no question of if or maybe. It is and that’s it…. There won’t be a lot of dialogue about why a soul did this or that. It will be there in front of the soul…” The soul sees itself as it is; is confronted with the tremendous beauty and goodness of God; accuses itself for what it has done; and seeks to be totally cleansed of all evil that it has done. In short, the judgment of the soul is not done by a vengeful God, is not carried out by an accountant checking off what has and has not been done. We will judge ourselves, so completely, so thoroughly, that we will not be able to withstand the Goodness of God. We will wish to not be in God’s presence, until we are totally clean, totally pure, totally devoid of all self-seeking and are acceptable to Him. OR, if we are living lives of self-indulgence, seeking wealth and luxury as our god, behaving with little concern for those around us, in short, rejecting any semblance of being God-fearing and trusting, then we are condemning ourselves already.

Yes, our God is Mighty, and Powerful. He is the Creator of all that is. Every good quality that we, as man, can envision, we know that God possesses it to an infinite degree. Forgiveness is a good quality, and God is infinitely forgiving. He is waiting for us to ask His forgiveness, to trust Him, to love Him. We can judge our lives now, or later. goto next segment

-1 by Anne, a lay apostle, page 163; Publisher: Direction for Our Times