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The Beauty of the Moment


How often we feel the pressures of the day. One after another they cascade over our heads and come crashing down on us, like so many ocean waves. At times like this, it is very difficult to think of goodness and happiness. We see, or probably better, we feel their weight upon us and we wonder how we can possibly survive. But we can and do.

Not only do we survive, but we seem to look back on these “events” and wonder why we were so worried at the time. But you see, we are now viewing these, after the fact. They are over. They have come and gone. Whatever damage they could do is now a thing of the past. We are already moving on to the next issue, the next challenge.

The only reason we paid them any attention at all, is that they were hitting us, making us aware, at that time. The moment that they happen, they cause us to stop musing about the future, wondering if this or that will happen. When these “challenges” take place, they force us to forget the worries of the past. These force us to focus solely on the present moment. This was not really our choice, but rather something that was forced upon us. It kind of said, “Hello, what do you think about me”? It was probably not so polite, however, but rather grabbed us by the shoulders, shook us a few times, and then growled, “Hey…WANT TO FIGHT!!!

We don’t like to focus on the present. We want to think about our future plans, what our life could be, or our past problems, obstacles that have been endured. But to focus on the now, well, we don’t see any reason to do that. That moment is already history. It is only when the present demands our attention, and chooses to stay with us for a while, then, and only then, do we pay it any attention. Unfortunately, more often than not, our focus is only long enough, so that we can get rid of it.

Just why then would we speak of that nanosecond as having “beauty”? Our life is made up of trillions and trillions of nanoseconds, a seemingly infinite number, strung together one by one. Joined as one they cry out, “Hey, This is my life!!!” Each moment, then, is not something to be rushed through. It isn’t a race. I have to pass this mile marker, to get to the next, to get to the next, to… That, unfortunately, is how we treat our lives. Rush through this to get to that.

People, this is not what our life is all about. Each of those nanoseconds, each beat of our heart is an opportunity to thank God. Thank you for creating me. Thank you for each challenge you have given me. Thank you for the opportunities to grow closer to you. My God, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Each of these nanoseconds may not be the way we would have done them. They would not have been this way, if it were up to us. But then… we can only see the now. We don’t know what lies around the corner. We don’t know what we will need years from now. Each moment of our lives is teaching us something, teaching us for our future.

It is not too late for any of us to think about the now. These nanoseconds are described by some writers with the phrase “the beauty of the moment”. Why? Each hollow second, that we have allowed to pass by, unnoticed, they are special to us. What are we doing with them? Are we embracing them? Are we using it to understand our friends, ourselves, our God? Slow down our perception of life. Perceive this moment, here and now. What do each of these moments mean to us? Are they nothing? Are they simply empty voids? Or is there something in there, something, which we have never seen before? That split second, that blip on our radar screen it is an opportunity to love God, to caress Him, to thank Him for loving us so mightily. String all of them together, these moments, and we have a lifetime of loving our God, our Creator.

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Knowing God’s Will

Gods Plan

Yesterday, we spoke about the Will of God. We spoke about it, around it and even how good it is for us. Not once did we speak about the How We Do It!! So, how DO we follow God’s Will? Embrace God’s Will? Automatically, the thought comes to us, “How can I do it, if I don’t even know what it is?” That’s a good argument. So good, in fact, that we will try to discuss just that today, “Knowing God’s Will”.

What is God’s Will for me? For you? We are unique. No two of us are identical, not even twins. They may look alike, they may have many things in common, but each of them is different. Their thoughts, their feelings, their likes and dislikes are not 100% identical. They are different even though they have a common birth. Each of them… has been created by God in a unique fashion, with a unique purpose. And you are no different. You too, are unique. When God created you, He breathed into you a unique spirit, a unique purpose, a unique goal.

So, how do we know God’s purpose for us? How do we discover what it is that makes us unique? How do we discover God’s plan, His purpose, for us? In short, each of us must ask ourselves what is God’s Will for me? Ahh… to know God’s Will we must be in tune with Him. We cannot expect to know what a human being likes and dislikes, if we don’t get to know that person. It is the same with God. We must want to know Him. We must strive to understand Him. We cannot be striving for wealth, material things, and pleasures. Being popular is not the direction God wants us to strive after. All of these things are SELF seeking, SELF serving. It is time to stop looking after our own needs.

Well, then, what is life all about. Many think it is self-survival, self-indulgence. But they (we) are wrong if this is the main thrust of our lives. Did not the Christ say that we are to follow Him? We are to do as He did. And, what did He do, when He walked this earth? He loved people, He took care of people, and He tended to those that needed help. He preached against the self-seeker, the person who sought wealth, and the person who made pleasure/comfort as the most important thing in their life.

Who are you? What makes you tick? When you pray… do you look at yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings? We must truly know ourselves. It is the only way to be honest with God. We are speaking to the Creator of the universe, He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows when our prayers are shallow. He knows when we really don’t mean what we are saying. And, He still loves us. This doesn’t mean He excuses the shallowness on our part. He just recognizes that we still have a long way to go before we are one with Him.

Every one of us has problems, are shallow, and deceitful. We are not perfect, not even close to being so. It is ONLY when we look at ourselves, acknowledge our shortcomings, and recognize that Christ died because of us, then, (and only then), can we see the uniqueness that God gave us.

In all of our problems, all of our difficulties, all of our good qualities…all of these make us, a unique individual. It is this unique person, with this makeup, that we bring to God and say, “Help me, Lord. Help me love You. Help me grow even with these qualities that you see in me. That I have brought on myself”. God loves us. He has always loved us. He is waiting for us to bring our self to Him, so that He can shower His love on us. He waits for our free will to be joined with His loving Will.

We really need to understand that God’s love for us has existed from all eternity. (God doesn’t change. If He did change, He wouldn’t be God. So His love for us has existed from all eternity.) What does He want for us? God’s Will (plan) for us must be beautiful. God is not evil. If He were, then He wouldn’t be God. (Evil is the lack of goodness. To lack is not possible within an infinite God).

So to deal with the hardships of life, the travesties that fall all around us, we cannot point at God as the cause. His Will is not that these should weigh us down. This loving infinite God, our Creator allows these events to occur not to punish mankind, not to seek out vengeance. The guidelines have been given to us by Jesus. Love people, take care of people, instruct people. These guidelines are done within all the faces of misery in this world, homelessness, death, sickness, poverty, pain and suffering. All mankind suffers. You suffer, and I suffer. Within this suffering, however, we hear our God tell us, to love one another, to bear our pains so that others may see and feel the love of God.

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