Used in RNC Speech


“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I… come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” -1 And, at the Republican National Convention, we heard: “Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I…”

The words about the Roman issues portray the overthrow of the political state of the Roman Empire. With last night’s words, what is Mr. Trump attempting to overthrow?

The Steppingstones doesn’t normally enter into the political arena, but this is not a time to be still and watch how things play out. Every American, every Christian, each person regardless of race, color or creed in this country, must sit up and take notice. This is not a time to play politics. This is not a time to sit back and see what unfolds. This is not a time to do nothing. Democracy is not being played out here, but rather there is a play on democracy. If we are sincere in our love of democracy, then we must be part of the solution, we must do what our conscience requires.

If we sit back, look on and play the “wait and see” game, we just might find ourselves under a totally different form of government in a few years. Hitler’s Germany started out in very much the same way. Apathy among the citizens and the leaders of the time, allowed the dictator to wrest control and lead the German nation down avenues it would later despise. The whole concept of democracy is that “We the people” strive to act to make things right. We don’t throw up our hands in a “what’s the use?” way and let events flow from a few mouths. If that is how you feel, then recognize that you, too, are part of the problem. Democracy was and is a work in progress, for all of us.

We have many areas to address, many wrongs to correct. But to sit back and watch from the sidelines to see what happens is an extremely dangerous game. “The British are coming”, that was the call to arms, back in the 1770’s. But imagine where we would be if, the people in the room, looked up from what they were doing, looked around the room, saw no one else moving, so they went back to reading their book. You cannot, WE cannot adopt this attitude. We cannot afford to.

Please, I implore you, take a stand. Become active. Look at the persons who desire to lead our nation. What solutions do they offer to us? What part of their background will be beneficial to the United States? Which peoples will benefit most from their leadership? Are all peoples going to benefit equally? Are the solutions that are offered, by your candidate, geared for each audience, or just those that are in attendance, at that particular time? We must learn to ask questions. Read, even if you don’t have time to! How are we to learn and grow, if we do nothing? How do we get the best leader we can…if we do nothing?

Why should we become involved? What good will it do? “You can’t change city hall”, is a famous fall back line. Stop for a moment and think about our beliefs. Are we to just pass by, when we see someone needing help? Are we to pass it off as: “It’s none of my business”? Do you think God gave us a mind, an intellect, a conscience so that we can just shrug our shoulders and do nothing? You are called. We are called to get involved. If each one of us does one thing that prompts someone else to do one thing, then we are getting our message out to the world.

One thing that you can do is to forward this post to all that are in your email contacts. ((If you do, PLEASE remember to put the email address in the Bcc.. area. This will prevent anyone else from seeing your friends’ addresses.)) The forwarding, of itself, is not the important part, but rather getting people to think about the consequences of their action/non action. Not knowing what else to do, I am sending these thoughts and concerns to you to pass on. If you feel there is merit in this article, please help in reaching as many voters, as possible. Thank you.

-1 “Julius Caesar” , play, by Shakespeare