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We hear about St. Faustina Kowalska when we speak of Divine Mercy Sunday. And that is as it should be. The commemoration of this feast day, (the first Sunday after Easter) along with this saint was irrevocably joined by Pope John Paul II. He did this when he proclaimed to the world, at the Mass for the canonization of St. Faustina Kowalska, that the Sunday following Easter throughout the Church will be called Divine Mercy Sunday. Why that Sunday? The Resurrection, the most glorious of all feast days, proclaimed that Jesus, the Son of God, had suffered and died for the forgiveness and salvation of mankind. In overcoming death, His divinity is proven. His love and mercy is assured to always be there for all who request it.

Faustina was born in 1905 in Glogowiec, Poland. Fifteen years earlier, in 1890 Sister. Josefa Menendez was born in Madrid, Spain. Josefa has not been declared a saint, so far, but she may very well have been the precursor to the Divine Mercy phenomenon.  Her life, in so many ways parallels that of St. Faustina. (I don’t know if these contemporaries ever even knew of the other’s existence.) But it is not this parallel that is the topic being addressed, right now. No, there is a short paragraph in “The Way of Divine Love” by Sr. Josefa that grabs at your heart immediately. Josefa has been going through many agonies and blessings. Both, of which, she is cherishing because she knows that it is God’s Will. The agonies, she endures steadfastly, but the blessings raise her spirits, her soul to such dizzying heights, she is almost giddy with joy. Within this context, we read, “On the evening of Saturday, October 16th, I asked Him why He gave me so many totally undeserved graces. During my adoration I saw Him crowned with thorns and He gave me this answer: ‘Have I asked you to merit the graces I give you? What I ask is that you should accept them’ ” -1

It is this thought each of us must wrap our arms around. Jesus asks us to accept wholeheartedly, whatever enters our life: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Josefa asks Him, why He gives her all these blessings. Jesus doesn’t expect us to earn the right to these blessings. We cannot. He wants us to accept them. No sense of pride, that we deserve them. No sense of false humility, being glad that we got them, but professing that we are not worthy. Recognize that He, ALWAYS, gives what is best for us. We have no right to these. We didn’t’ do anything to merit them. So we extend our hand and accept them, gratefully, with humility, and above all with trust in Him.

We can understand this in the light of the good things that happen to us, but what about the minor problems, (the Bad)? What about the major problems, (the Ugly)? WE, and only we, are the ones that put the title of bad and ugly on these things that happen to us. WE don’t see God’s Purpose, His Plan. No, we see only our own inconvenience, our sadness. We see the disruption in our plans, our life and deem it to be bad or ugly. Don’t you see? The things that we call negative, or bad, in life are really events that God’s plan has laid out. They are neither good, nor bad, nor ugly. They are in fact ALL beautiful, because they come to us from our loving God. “We don’t deserve that”, we say. “This is too much to bear”. Our complaints are not valid, because we are not looking at the total picture. God… Infinite God… the Creator… the Redeemer… the Sanctifier, He is interacting with us, teaching us, challenging us, loving us. In Luke’s Gospel, we hear “And he said to his disciples, ‘Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat, nor about your body, what you shall put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing’ ” -2

“Oh my God, why am I so blind? Why do I see only my needs? Why can I not joyfully accept your love, no matter what form it takes? Help me. I cannot change my life, by myself, only You can help me see and understand your ways. But whether or not, I see and understand them, give me the grace to lovingly accept them. I want to be totally yours.”

-1 The Way of Divine Love, by -Sr. Josefa Menendez, FIRST STEPS October 9th–28th, 1920
-2 Luke 12:22-31

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Divine Mercy Sunday and You

This is the hour of great Mercy

This is the hour of great Mercy

I am at a loss for words. There is so much I want to say to you, and my tongue is tied. I want to hold you by your shoulders, look into your eyes, and tell you, “The time is now. All of us, we need to embrace Jesus in a way that we have never done before”. Love Him. Thank Him. Profess our sorrow for taking so long to embrace Him. Trust Him.

We don’t have the luxury of putting things off. We cannot wait until tomorrow or next week, or next year. Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the world is in so much turmoil? The climate of the earth is changing. There is so much unrest in the world. Evil is drawing its last breath. Each of us has to make a choice. I am not preaching the end of the world, or preaching calamity. I am just saying it is time to wake up, to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We cannot continue to make excuses for our lives and the manner in which we live.

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. Pope John Paul II set aside the Sunday after Easter to celebrate the wondrous, infinite MERCY of Christ. How long can we continue to put off our embrace, our acceptance of his Mercy? He knows that we have problems, and that we have sinned and have turned away from His Goodness. But that is exactly why He came into this world, to save us. We must acknowledge our state of life, the way we are living. We must truly look at ourselves, and honestly see all of our shortcomings. It is only through this acknowledgement and acceptance of His love that we will truly find the peace that we seek.

On the cross, when His heart was opened with the spear, it was symbolic of the love and mercy that would flow out to the world, to you and me. But we, with our free will, can say either, “yes” or “no”. Reading these articles doesn’t make us better. Reading the Bible, even, does not make us better, if it is just words to us. We must give ourselves totally to Jesus, totally to our God. Trust our God. Accept His mandate to love ourselves, to love one another, to stop judging others. Christ said, “Judge not and ye shall not be judged?” Stop. Look at where you are right now. Look at the excuses we make for our life. I am too tired, I am too busy, and I need to work more. I need to exercise. I need, I need, I need. If all we do is take and look out for our own needs, our own concerns, then we are never giving of ourselves to others.

Does it embarrass you to speak about Jesus to others? Do you feel uncomfortable in talking religion? Does your belief in God embarrass you? When all is said and done, the whole reason we exist is to give back to our God. We need to use our God-given free will to express our love for Him, to thank Him, to honor Him. When all is said and done…this is our purpose in life. Each of us has a different path to walk. Each of us has a story to tell. The expression of that story is one of the infinite ways that love is given back to God. Why be ashamed of your story?

On the day we call Good Friday, humanity was “bought” back through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus, truly God and truly man, died for all mankind. We now are asked to accept or reject that sacrifice. Don’t be misled. It is not just a simple, “I accept”. No, it is more than that. It is understanding Who Jesus is. It is accepting what He says and what it means to us and our lives. It means looking at people not as obstacles, not as disgusting, not as annoyances, but as people needing love and care. It means looking at people as Jesus would look at them. Our life style will be changed forever.

Divine Mercy Sunday is the celebration of the mercy of God and His love for us. His promise to Saint Faustina was that His forgiveness, an ocean of mercy, would flow like a fount of water, if we would only ask for it. Realize that you are not alone and that we all have sinned and need forgiveness. Not one of us is without sin. The peace and joy that we are all searching for can be found in the heart of Jesus. Trust Him. Follow the Christ. Follow Jesus.

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