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God and Man part 2


Second in a 3 part series on God and Mankind

Yesterday, we spoke of ten Truths. They are important enough to be re-stated, again:

1- There is a God, He exists, and He was not created.
2- God is Infinite.
3- He is infinitely good. (Can do no evil)
4- God has every positive quality, to an infinite degree.
5- Love is one of the positives that God has.
6- God existed before any material thing came into existence.
7- God created the world and mankind. He is the prime mover.
8- God crated mankind with a soul, and free will.
9- Through man’s free will, man can choose evil over good.
10- God loves us with an infinite love.

God created man, but why? Was He bored? Did He want to see what the result would be? “Bored” is a quality that mankind experiences, it is a negative and not within God. “Want to see what the result would be”, God is infinite, is not limited by time, and therefore knows what the result is. So why would God create mankind? Did you ever experience something so wonderful, so joyous that you wanted to share it with others? God’s love is like that. He gave us feelings, and thought, and memory, and soul. All of these take pleasure in joyous occasions. God could not help Himself, so to speak. His infinite love and infinite goodness demanded that they, also, be given to the greatest of His creations, man. The gifts that God gave man, would make mankind be His greatest creations. He created mankind so that they, too, could experience this wonder and joy. But He did not create us to be robots. He created persons who could think, feel, hope, laugh……and choose. Robots cannot feel; they cannot make abstract decisions; they can only do what they are programmed to do. God gave man the ultimate gift. He gave man Free Will.

This gift, allowing us to choose what we wanted, opened Pandora’s Box. We can do whatever we wish. We can temper our actions by whatever means possible. We can choose to love or hate God. We can choose to treat people kindly or with contempt. The choice is ours to make. This Infinite God has tied his own wrists together, so to speak. He allows the gift of free will to even go counter to His Will. Mankind was free, free to do whatever it wanted. Mankind could freely choose to love and serve His God, or he could laugh in the face of that loving God. Such was the gift, the nature of free will.

With such unlimited power, mankind chose again and again to fly in the face of his maker. Wars were started. Atrocities were done. Mankind did every crime imaginable against his fellow man. And still God loves man. Time and time again, God sends His prophets, leaders and, priests so that they will instruct, guide and pray with His people. He sends His Son. He will show them how to live. He will manifest the goodness that they are to share with each other. He will be the model of how to live, how to treat others, how to love their fellow mankind.

For three years, Jesus walks among the people reminding them of the goodness that they are to give to one another. He preaches what makes goodness, and who is their brother. Through His love, the sick are healed, the lame walk, the dead are raised back to life. He does all of this and then He thinks of all the people not present, you and me. We aren’t with Him. We didn’t see the love in His eyes. We didn’t feel His hand on our shoulder. There are many who haven’t seen or heard. How can he reach through time and ask us “Hello, how are you today, my friend? Walk with me and tell me what is bothering you? What can I do for you, today?”

Throughout these three years, Jesus has a small band of followers. They walk with Him, and listen and learn from Him. These men are fishermen, they are not theologians. They are not very learned. They do not logically come to the conclusion that this Jesus is someone special. They SEE that He is special. There is a goodness and love about Him. He really means what He says. Slowly, but gradually, they come to the realization that this man is special. He means what He says. He loves everyone, not just a few. He treats everyone equally, judges, tax collectors, the lame, the leper. He loves everyone. His message to them is go and do likewise. These men, the Apostles, live their lives as Jesus lived His. They taught, they loved, and they cared for others. Through them, they brought Jesus as best they could to those who hadn’t met Him. They wanted these peoples to see Jesus through the lives that they brought them, their own lives. See me, see Jesus. Through the years, the Apostles through people they reach out to, bring Jesus to all of us, you and me.

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God and Man

breath of life

Let’s look at man’s concept of God. But in order to do that, we must first look at man, himself. Mankind lives and dies. He is born, grows, and with that growth, eventually ages and dies. All matter has this same progression of existence. Over time, matter is formed and eventually ceases to exist. Because of this passage from one stage to the next, mankind can measure how long it takes to go from beginning to end, from start to finish. That measuring stick we call “Time”.

If we could find a box large enough, all matter could be placed in that box. Stars, planets, moons, sun, people, every material thing could be placed in there. Since all matter has a beginning and an end and that box holds all matter, we can call that box “Time”, our measuring stick. Everything in this box is dependent on time. We judge how long it takes for earth to make one complete revolution on its own axis, and we call it a day. We split the day into segments and we call them hours. And so the progression proceeds. We notice also, that the earth while spinning on its’ own axis, is also orbiting around the Sun. As it progresses through that orbit we notice that seasons change. All of this is measured by Time.

Well, what is not in this box of Time? Does anything exist outside this box? If the box contains all material things, then only non-material things could be outside the box. Non-material!?!? What exists, and doesn’t have matter associated with it? We inside the box, only experience the material things. Whatever is outside this box of time, had to be the …person? Entity? that created the box, in the first place. That person cannot be in the box and the creator of that box, at the same time. That force, that entity, we simply call God. God is outside the restrictions of time.

Since that box contains created matter, and since God is not in the box and therefore non-material, He must be the Initiator, the Starter, the Creator of that box of things. And so we have the concept of God, the Creator.

In order to understand a little about the Creator, we had to first start with His creations, those things that we see, and can touch. So maybe in order to continue our admiration of our God, we must, once again, look at His creations. This would be very much like looking at a series of paintings by a painter, to understand the driving force of the painter, himself. All matter, as we said, is in this box of time. We can see majestic mountains, birds flying in the sky, all manner of fish in the deep blue oceans. We see animals of all sorts walking the lands of our earth. And we see…MAN. The best that the animals in the air, or sea, or on the land can do is to live by the natural instincts within them. Only man, however, can think. Only man can make decisions and choose one way or another. These are not instinctual choices, they are reasoned. Man utilizes his thinking, as well as his instincts, his fears, and all of his other emotions to settle on a course of action, to make a choice. He can freely do this or that, seeking no one’s permission, but his own choice. Man is truly different from every other animal on this planet.

Why is this so? Why would the Creator make this creature so different from all the rest? The short answer is LOVE. The Creator, being All-Good, loves us with total abandon. He wanted man to be able to make a free choice to love Him back. What good would a forced response of love back to the Creator be? It would be like a child exclaiming, “Look mom, I made the robot do what I wanted it to do”. No, a free will would be bestowed on a rational creation. This was how God wanted man to be. The love back to his God would be knowing, and willing, as well as loving.

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Peace and Beauty

cloud and hawk

It must be my age because I have grown to love sitting on the back porch early in the morning. If you take away the sound of jet engines flying overhead, (only 8 miles or so away from the airport), if you blot out the sound of the cars’ and truck engines on the nearby interstate and roads, if you screen out the occasional sound of distant trains rumbling in the distance… what is left? Peace. Quiet. Beauty!

The sky, with its’ pale baby blue color and seemingly randomly placed clouds, can be so beautiful. The sounds of many birds, of different varieties, can be heard melodiously singing and chirping to one another. A hawk, gently circling on the thermals, effortlessly flies overhead. So much peace! So much beauty! Where did all of this come from? Why are we so fortunate to be part of all this beauty?

This beauty, this world, could not have just happened. Only a fool would say that this came about by chance. No. There must be an Architect, a Painter, a Creator. Since we know that no person could have brought this into existence, we postulate that there must be someone else, someone who has intelligence, has beauty, has love and above all has a purpose. This “someone”, we call God.

The whole concept of God is that He cannot change. If He did, then He would not be God. He cannot change His mind and He cannot make a mistake. So He knew from all eternity that the world would have problems. Problems that would arise because He gives man the freedom to choose. So He knew from all eternity that Jesus, the Christ, would also need to come in time, into this created world and show it how life is to be lived.

Christianity is not just a club. It is not a member’s-only organization. It is a way of life. It is a brotherhood. People believing in what Jesus did for us, what He said to us, and how He loved us. It is a people striving to live as He showed us. But there is more to it than just imitation, than copying a lifestyle. It is living a lifestyle.

So often, as a Christian we think along the lines of, “what should I be doing?” Should is the language of obligation not love. It has no business being in our mind, with respect to Christianity. Bonding with one another, treating each person with kindness and respect, these are actions that flow out of our love for Jesus. They are not mandates. They are not marching orders. These are actions that emanate from Jesus and the love we have for Him.

At the beginning of this writing I spoke of the beauty of nature and of God, the Creator, making us a part of this creation. What do the two have in common? It is not in the turmoil of the world that we will find peace and quiet and beauty. This turmoil must be stripped away so that we can truly find God. It is only when we can remove our worries, our frustrations, do we find real peace. The world says, “it cannot be done.” The world says, (or maybe we say), that our fears and worries and anxieties are necessary evils. Our fears, our worries, our anxieties ARE the evils. They are what consume us and prevent us from finding our God. It is only when we reach out and take the hand of Jesus which He holds out to us, it is only when we place ALL of our confidence in Him and trust Him, then, we can realize and understand the beauty of God. Think of what in your life is holding you back, preventing you from taking His hand. Do you think He doesn’t care about you? Do you think He is unaware of your worries? Trust Him. Believe in Him. Find the peace that He offers. It is there. It really is!

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Come Back to Me

return to God2

I have not written anything new since June 13, of 2013. To those who have been patiently coming back to see if anything new was published, I can only say, “I am sorry, and thank you”. To all I offer my sincerest apologies and hope that it won’t happen again. Having said that, today’s blog is a continuation of the 6/13/2013 blog: “Mankind and God: Body and Soul”.  I don’t blame you if you don’t remember what it said, so just click the underlined title above and it will take you to that blog.

Starting from there then, we have God as our Creator bringing into existence the entire universe, planets, stars, moon, sun and our own planet, earth. The infinity of God’s beauty and love surrounds us, each and every day. And, all of this beauty was created for one purpose…us. What other aspect of creation can appreciate the beauty of God? What planet, or star, or rock, or plant, or animal can see all of these wonders and experience the overwhelming magnificence of an eternal creator? Only mankind can. We say that God is infinite. We say that His love for us is infinite. He not only created us, out of His infinite love, but that same infinite love surrounded us with everything that we could possibly need, or want. (If you or I had been in the place of God and doing the creating, how much would we have done after the creation of the person, himself? Would we have thought about where he might want to go, to explore space, when he was ready (thousands of years from then)?)

In each person, in you and me, God elevated this human animal to a state that we had no right to expect. We have a body, a mind, and a soul. He put in each of us, a part of Himself; He gave us a soul. The soul is that part of us that craves to be re-united back with God. The body and mind stop functioning after death. But the soul, participating in God’s divine plan, strives, no, yearns to be embraced by God, again.

So, this infinite God breaks out His infinite plan. In each and every person whoever walked, walks or will walk on this earth God has placed a part of Himself in them. And in this soul that we possess, each of us has implanted in it a purpose, a goal, a piece of God’s plan. We are ALL called to be holy. We are ALL called to fulfill that portion of God’s plan that is in us. Each part of that plan is different for each one of us. We must find out on our own, what God’s plan is for us. The fulfillment of His plan culminates in our re-joining our God for all eternity. We call it Heaven, but is it not the presence of God that makes it heaven? And, sadly, if we don’t re-join our God for all eternity… what do we call that?

This all sounds like a pretty story, a fable with a happy/sad ending. But God gave us something else, when He created us. He gave us free-will. What kind of a gift would this gift of life be, if like a robot, we walked this earth, doing what our maker programmed into us? His infinite love for us also gave us this freedom to decide what we wanted to do, to say, and how to act. This free will to choose also applies to our response to God. If my love for you existed only because you have a gun to my head, then that would not be love at all. (You cannot dispute that statement.) So too, God does not force us to love Him. He does not force us to carry out His plan. We have a choice. We have free will.

Summing up then, God’s plan, for each of us, is that we have life, we have our own goal, and we have a portion of God’s plan. If we put that plan into motion, it will bring us back into the arms of God for all eternity. The ONLY thing that can prevent that plan from coming to fruition for each of us is our free will. What is our choice? There are many things to decide upon. What do we crave? What pulls our attention away from God?  Popularity, wealth, material goods, power, position, sex, drugs, complacency, laziness, hatred, anger, pride, worry, fear, jealousy, the list is endless. If we are to truly be a thoughtful, reasoning person, then we must look at this list and decide what it is that is interfering with our love of God. All of the above will move us farther away from Him, until He becomes a myth, a child’s story, a fable. Yes, we are free to choose our own life style. But I would caution you, that before you choose your life style talk with God and find out what His plan is for you. Then put your free will into action.

Mankind and God: Body and Soul

breath of God

We all know the story of creation, and how it is told in seven days. On the sixth day, God is depicted as breathing life into mankind. The writer, in Genesis, with imagery so prophetic, has life itself being breathed into man. And yet, the other animals living in the sea, in the air and on the ground are simply made. Something special is being depicted here with the creation of mankind. God is breathing life into this human animal. Why?

Whenever reference is made to the spirit of God, in both the old and new testaments of the Bible, it seems to always be being depicted as wind, breath or even a sigh. It is never described as something physical. It is not something that can be touched. The writer shows God as “breathing” life into man. There is something special, something unique about this creature, mankind. It has rationality, yes. It can think and plan, yes. But it can also contemplate concepts, non-physical realities. To do this, there must be, has to be, something non-physical in mankind’s makeup.

We speak of human mankind as being made up of body and soul. We know the body. We can see it, cut it, and look inside it. It is very physical, very apparent. But what of the soul, where is it? We can speak of its characteristics, its spirit, its goodness, but these are all byproducts, if you will, of the soul. What is the soul?

When God breathed into mankind, He imparted part of Himself into each one of us. He did not lose anything of Himself, but rather He shared something of Himself with us. This something, this spiritual aspect of ourselves, we call our soul. We have been entrusted with this goodness. Through this process of breathing into us, our animal nature has been elevated to a sublime condition. We are not god. But something, what it is we don’t know, is within us, craving for that re-union, once again. St. Augustine says, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee”.-1

But here is the rub. Each one of us has this craving within. However, we don’t always recognize that it is for closeness to God. We feel the craving, but try to fill it with other things. This is where we get confused and mixed up. We try to satisfy this craving with material things of this world, with wealth, with possessions, with power over people, with prestige, with food, and drink, and drugs and sex. We judge others that don’t measure up to our standards. We set ourselves as the measuring stick, having nothing to do with God. We console ourselves that everyone else is pursuing these goals, so it must be alright. In the process, we ignore God. He is shoved to the back of our minds. He is no longer the center of our pursuit.

I know it is anthropomorphic (ascribing human characteristics to God), but I almost wonder if God feels sadness, or disappointment when He sees us (mankind) pursuing worldly glitters as substitutes for Himself. He sends His son to show us how to live, how to pray, how to love our God. And mankind nails Jesus to a cross. Forget it. No thank you. We will take our golden calves, our pleasures of the world. We will seek out the glitter of temporal things and shove the Christ to the back of our minds… or out of them completely.

Oh God. What are we doing? You created this entire universe, not for yourself, to see if you could. You did not create it for the mindless animals, but for a mankind that can think, and love and laugh. You have put some aspect of yourself into each of us, so that we all could experience the joy of meshing with each other and ultimately with You. In seeking out the goodness of sharing, the goodness of helping, and the goodness of loving we would learn the highest form of life possible, namely, one of caressing creature with creature, creature with creator. We have forgotten how to deny ourselves for the good of others. We have chosen rather to seek out only that which will advance ourselves, make us happy, or fulfill our needs. How many times we have said, “We are sorry”. And yet, we don’t change our ways. We still seek out only those things which reward ourselves.

Help us learn to realize the beauty of Jesus’ words, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but by me.” -2 The re-union of man’s soul and God is the only reward that should be before us. We wonder what Heaven will be like. Heaven will be the re-uniting of creature with Creator. The sublime joy of once again being caressed by God, our heavenly Father.

-1 The Confessions
-2 John 14:6

Jesus 1to 5

No matter what your “ISM” is, it still needs Jesus. Let me explain. Agnosticism (Don’t know about God’s existence), Atheism (There is no God), Islamism, Buddhism, Shintoism, (all of these believe in a god or gods as their basis of religion but go no farther), Judaism (belief in one God but still waiting for the Messiah), Protestantism and Catholicism, (belief in one God and the Messiah came in the person of Jesus), all of these need Someone to represent their god.(See NOTE below)

Without a Jesus, God would be an impersonal deity, perched somewhere, probably above, looking down at his creation and who knows what. And that is exactly, my point. Who knows what? He would be impersonal. How can I say that? To be personal with his creation, he would have to reveal himself to it. Would nature alone be sufficient for man to develop a relationship with his god? I can’t see how a tree, or clouds, or mountains (though beautiful) would help man feel a closeness with his god, feel a bonding with his creator. Without Jesus, god would be mysterious, unknown, and probably looked upon as one to be feared.

So Jesus is not a myth to be viewed at Christmas time. He is not a child’s fairy tale. He is not someone who was dreamed up to impress people. No. He really walked this earth. In fact, He made such an impression on His times that people tried as best they could to put together a chronicle of the events that surrounded Him. He did live. Even natural historians of the time, wrote about him in their writings of the day. And, His followers also documented the events, not for historical purposes, but so that others might be able to glean a glimpse of Him, to impart a feeling of the importance of this person.

With statements, like ‘…the Father and I are one”, and “…he who sees me, sees the Father”, we get to realize that this MAN was not like any other. That same God, who we hold as the author of life, the creator of the universe, He came to live among His people. He came to show them how to live, how to treat one another, and how important each person is on this earth. Through His goodness, His love, His willingness to die for His creation, we get to know our God as a God of love. Yes there is a moral law. Yes we will be held accountable. But we also know that this God really cares for us. How do we know it? Because of Jesus! His way of life, His concern for ALL people, His stressing, again and again, the importance of living lives that are selfless, all of these showed us a God who is personal.

Ok, of all the “isms” then, Catholicism and Protestantism are the big winners! Right??? WRONG!!!! If their Jesus is merely a figurehead, then these religions aren’t any better than the other isms. If we put Him on a pedestal to be adored, worshipped, and prayed to… BUT NOT imitated, nor emulated, then He might as well be a myth. If we put Jesus on a cross accomplishing salvation for a mankind that grossly ignores and does not care about His message, then I hope He was a myth. I can’t imagine how a God/Man would feel knowing He sacrificed His all, He suffered almost intolerable pain, He was mocked at, ridiculed and scorned by His executioners, and the people who He loves, who He dies for, didn’t care. His life and death really didn’t matter to them, at all.

It is time for all of us to seriously look at our own lives. Don’t view your lives through those tinted glassed you have been wearing. WHAT IS CATHOLICISM? It is not just following a bunch of rules and regulations. I must go to Mass on the weekend. I should not eat meat on Good Friday. I must observe Holy Days of obligation. It is not “do this” and “don’t do that”. It is your loving of Jesus so much, that you want to be Him. You want to live as He lives. You want to view other people, not as you want them to be, but as they are, right now, struggling, dirty, foul mouthed, uncaring and still be willing to help them, care for them, still be willing to die for them. But to love Jesus that much, you must know Him, talk with Him, and view yourself as He sees you, as you are, not as you want to be. It is time to put away those rose colored glasses and see the world as it is. It is time to recognize that Jesus was not saying “Hey, look at me”. He was saying to all of us, “Hey, BE ME.”

NOTE: This is not a dissertation about any religion (including Catholicism). It is intended only to point out that it is time for ALL peoples of this earth to start seeing each other as brothers and sisters, and not as someone to be taken advantage of, nor persecuted. We ALL look up at God, the same God. We ALL are children of that same God.

Who or What is God?

Not addressing religion for the moment, answer the question above. Not sure? Let’s try a different tactic. Everything we know is finite, by that we mean: it has a beginning and an end. It can be destroyed. It can die. It can cease to exist. This earth, this planet, and all of the planets, are finite. When they began to exist, no matter how many billions or trillions of years ago, time also began to exist, then as well. Things had a beginning and an end, a measurement of time. Whoever, or Whatever started this, whoever created these things… we call “God”. You can’t say, “Well, these things had this ability to exist already in them.” My response to that is, “Who put that ability in them?”

God is. God does exist, and He created all things, even you and me. Why does He care? Why does He do this? Is He just bored and needs a diversion? Every good quality that we can think of: Love, Intelligence, Goodness, Justice, etc. All are in and of God. It is these qualities that we should, no must, think about when we think of God. He surrounds us, flows through us, and is present in everyone. What joy we should feel knowing that God cares so very much about us. How do we know this? We said it above. Every good quality is in and of God!! He cares for you, for us, for the world. “For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting” (John3, 16).

Our life, our existence is intimately bound up with God. This is so readily apparent, and yet is so easily brushed aside. We get so involved with work, with the acquisition of things, with advancement, pleasure, our comfort, or our way that we forget the whole reason for our existence… to be in union with our God. None of these are wrong. But, when they become the driving force of our lives, when they become the main reason for our existence they have taken on a deadly persona. They are blinding us from the brilliance of God. They are stripping away the beauty that God gave us. They have taken the place of our God. These are the false idols that we are warned about. St. Augustine states, that “… evil is nothing but privatio boni , or “lack of good”.

The world would have us forget God. The world, with all of its’ seductive charm wants to replace God. As noted earlier, ‘none of these are wrong’ except when they become the driving force of our lives. To seek a good job, to have a nice home, to succeed, to be happy, all of these are good. But, when they become our driving force, our sole goal above everything else, at that point we have forgotten our God. We do not have to spout religion 24/7. This is not what God wants. He wants us to live our lives aware of Him, aware of His Goodness 24/7. Our knowledge of Him will help us see Him in all that we meet, in everyone that we encounter 24/7.

I would like to end this thought with some words from St. Francis de Sales. “If you have a sure trust in God, the success that comes to you will always be that which is most useful to you, whether it appears good or bad in your private judgment.”


When we were born and placed here on earth, God placed in each one of us a memory of Him. Throughout all of our lives, we strive to touch that memory, to re-kindle in ourselves that fiery love of our God. We are not perfect, however, and that memory fades and gets twisted around. We strive to get it back. We strive to feel that love again within us. It is in that striving that St. Augustine speaks, when he says, “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in Thee.”-1  What he hints at is that we seek Him in so many varied and imperfect ways.

It is that restlessness of which I speak to you today. We are not perfect, but yet that memory of Him pervades us. We want to, oh so very much want to feel that love, unite so perfectly with our God again. But our humanity, our imperfections get in the way. So, driven by this memory of love we try to re-kindle it. The ways that we try to do this are probably as numerous as the stars.

We seek to re-live, to find that memory, again and again. We seek it in our friends, in the company that we keep, in our pleasures, our wealth, our power, and our addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex. In so many ways we seek to once again feel that spark, that joy which makes everything right again. We want to feel alive again. And, possibly even, momentarily we think we feel relief. But it is fleeting. It passes by leaving us, once again, drained and restless.

In all of this confusion, we drown out the very spark that we seek. We get so entangled with the search for this memory of love that we don’t realize we have lost our direction. Floundering and frustrated, we are willing to let that ember die. But God did not give us something that we could abandon, that we can live without. So without realizing it, this memory grows stronger in us, this love will not die.

Here and now, I am telling you that that ache, that gnawing search within you is your own quest for God’s love. The stronger you have that ache, the more pronounced it is within you, it is to that extent God is loving you and wanting you to love Him back. “This cannot be”, you say, “I do so many horrible things”. God’s love for us will never diminish. We will never be able to comprehend the extent that He loves us.

When we don’t know which way to turn, or rather, when we continue on our fruitless path knowing it is still not the answer (for we have tried it so many times before) then is when we should just ask Him for help. Do you think that God, who loves us so very much, will let this cry for help go unanswered? We already know that we need help. We already know that which we have sought out in the past has not given us what we seek. We already know that that ache, that restlessness deep within us will not go away. What is it, if not our craving for God’s love, for His embrace once more?

Just let our prayer be, “Lord, I believe in You, help my unbelief. Lord, I want to love you, help me to love you more.” Our God will not turn a deaf ear to our pleas for help. Pray this daily and let the restlessness go away. Remember His love once again.

-1 Confessions of St. Augustine

All this is for you.

   (3rd in a series of a presentation on The Apostles Creed)

Not once during these last three days have we called God by His name. He told Moses, “I am the God of your father, I am the God of  Abraham , the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.-1”  When Moses asked God who should he tell the people of Israel, Who it was Who sent him to them, God replied to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM” . And again, He says, “…tell them, I AM has sent me to you.-2”  With these words God reveals Himself to the Jewish nation and to all mankind. I, who always was and always will be, am with you. I exist before time. I exist before the heavens and the earth. His name tells us that He IS here always for us. For mankind He created the stars and the planets, and the sun and the moon. For our benefit He created the birds of the air, and fish in the sea. Do we think that He did this just to see if He could? The purpose was for the benefit of mankind. His boundless love could not just create mankind. His love had to provide us with everything that we could possibly use and need, with everything that would enable us to see His beauty and love, with everything that would help us understand Him better. And so, we strive to be united with Him forever.

So who then is God? By what do we call Him? Mankind seems more comfortable in talking to God’s aspects, His qualities, rather then struggling with directly speaking to His name. We talk very easily, warmly to the God of Love, the God of Truth. We consider those things that He has done for us and speak to those characteristics. We address Him as the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We pray to Him lovingly as our Father in Heaven. We call Him All-knowing, all-wise, omnipotent.

We already know Who God is, then. And, I don’t think it really matters to God, what name we use. But, if God has feelings like man does -3, I would think He just wants us to speak to Him. He want us to use our free will in a manner that shows Him we are trying, really trying to be united with Him. How good do we feel when we see our son or daughter using on a daily basis, a Christmas gift that we gave them? We weren’t sure they could handle it, but we knew they needed it. Can that feeling be solely human? I wonder how God feels when He sees the best gift He gave mankind, our free will, being used to help us grow in unity with our Maker.          goto next segment>>
-1 Exodus 3:6
-2 Exodus 3:13-15
-3 Anthropomorphism. The attributing of human characteristics to a non-human form

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