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At Mass today, at the Consecration, a thought came into my head. I was not thinking along these lines, but there it was… “This is as it was at the Last Supper”! Jesus standing there facing his Apostles, and saying over the bread, “This is My body”.

Why? Why did He do this? Why would anyone say or do that? What did he intend, when He said, “Take this and consume it, for this is My Body”. He gave us a sign of Himself just so that we could remember Him? No, He gave us Himself! With this blessed bread, He told us that He would always be with us. But more than that, He told us that we were to become like Him, become Him.

Through this simple but profound statement, He told us that we were to be Him, and bring Him, through our lives to others. Our sufferings were His sufferings. Our headaches, our worries, our pains, our fears and tears, all of these are to be accepted and carried FOR Him. Accepted? Why would we accept these? This attitude of acceptance is contrary to how the world views them. But there it is, nonetheless. Yes, we are to willingly and even lovingly accept these negatives of the world and turn them into positives. Don’t misunderstand this. We are not to revel in the pain and suffering, but only willingly accept it, and not complain about it. Our willingness to bear these trials in our life for Jesus, is our acceptance of Jesus’ Words and Love into our lives.

Only then, when we are united with Him, can we bring Him to others. The love, the joy of being with Jesus at that Supper becomes part of us and this is what we bring to others. The world does not see suffering as something to be embraced, but rather to be shunned. This is because the world does not see Jesus’ hand stretched out to it. He continually says, “Come take my hand and be Me. Come see the joys and love that I offer you. Come to Me and take Me to the world, by your actions, by your love.”

This is what Christianity is all about, striving to bring Jesus to the people we meet, we encounter, and we live with. Accepting Him is more than a nod of our head, a weekly encounter with Him at Mass. No, to be a Christian is rather an embracing of His life and making it our own. His sufferings become ours. His patience becomes ours. His love for others becomes ours. If we really want to be Christians, then we must become Him.

1) Life’s Actions
2) Our Strength
3) Let Me Use You

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Allow me to back track a little. I was able to attend Mass yesterday morning. Before Mass began, I was absentmindedly looking around at the people present. Sitting toward the back of the chapel, I was able to see almost all present. In the congregation were all ages, different walks of life, some with noticeable ailments, and yet though diverse, all were willingly here, not being urged by Canon Law. They were just here to pray to their God, partake of the Last Supper, and take Jesus home with them in their hearts. All seemed reverent and glad to be here. However, looking at the backs of their heads, (and not seeing their faces), no judgments could be made by me. Not getting lost in reading their faces, they were just … people… like myself. And the thought struck me, then and there, why can’t I see all people, the ones I will meet today, tomorrow, and throughout my life, why can’t I see them without judgments? Why can’t I see them without preconceived feelings or thoughts? Whether in church or outside, they (we) are all sons and daughters of God, deserving to be loved and cared for. Hold that thought for a while.

When I returned home, I had a few moments so I opened my email. A very good friend, I will call her Eileen, sent an email to me earlier. Returning from Mass, I began to read my back emails. To Eileen, I can only say, “Thank you. Thank you for thinking enough of me, that you would send me that link.” I never knew of, nor even heard of “MARYTV. I dutifully clicked on the line that said, “www.marytv.tv” and waited to see what would appear on my computer screen. What a joy!

This website is devoted to events that occurred and continue to occur in Medjugorje, a small mountain town in Bosnia Herzegovina. This town is where, on June 24th, 1981, Mary appeared to six Croatian children. I say, “…continue to occur”, because three of the children continue to see and experience Mary’s presence. Pilgrimages have been, and continue to be made to this special site, thirty two years after the first apparition. Many devout persons feel that this is the follow up to the Fatima apparitions. Mary’s appeal to us is stronger than ever, “Pray the Rosary”. Read about it. Understand its significance. Understand Mary’s role in salvation history. We cannot pass these off anymore as, “Oh, yes, I know about those things.”…and then go on with our lives without connecting to “those things”.

Look at what is going on in this world. Civilization is distancing itself from its Creator. Do you really think it is just a coincidence that people don’t want to pray? Don’t see the need to pray? Our belief structure keeps taking hits, is almost non-existent! Pleasure is sought after, more than our God? We really believe that having cars and TVs, and stocks and bonds are more important than owning and using Rosary beads? “Trust in God??? Nahhh, I just trust my instincts.” Do you think it is a coincidence that God is being removed from our walls, and our words? Our society values life only when it is talking about itself, the ME generation. If you still believe in a God, a spiritual entity, then why can you not recognize that a spiritual entity of EVIL also exists? Like the civilizations of old, our society is worshipping its idols of wealth, pleasure, possessions, and power. Obtaining these idols becomes of paramount importance to us. And so, we must remove anything that gets in the way of possessing them. Remove God. Remove love. Remove charity. Distort the meaning of love. Take from others. Hey, you can even keep what they have.

We will go mad, if we only focus on the problems that beset us, that ravage thisworld. Mary, the Mediatrix of ALL graces, our heavenly mother wants (no, desires and craves) for us to come to Jesus through her. To this end I would like to list some avenues that you might wish to use. In the future, I hope to discuss each of these on the Stepping Stones.

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Site: Devotional Reading Links:
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Mary================ http://www.myconsecration.org
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Elizabeth Kindlemann)====http://www.theflameoflove.org

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The Flame of Love =================Elizabeth Kindlemann

At the beginning, I asked you to hold the thought that all sons and daughters of God, deserve to be loved and cared for, by us. But why does this seem so impossible? Are we too busy loving ourselves, gratifying our own needs, and wants? Who has time to look out for someone else, we have our own needs to address? Is that it? Well, you are right!! (Did that surprise you?) We must look out for ourselves, but not in the way you are thinking, I am afraid. Go look at, and read some of the information, mentioned above. Maybe…just maybe, our interests, our goals, and our needs are all looking in the wrong direction. Instead of ourselves, we should be identifying what others need, feel, and want. In so doing, we just might understand their hurts, their pains, their feelings. We, just might, find out that they are exactly like us. They are suffering just as our Savior suffered, just as we are suffering. All of us, sitting in the pew, riding the train, pushing the shopping cart, walking our dog, pushing the stroller, each of us MUST get closer to the Christ. We must talk to Him, and listen to Him. Who better to teach us how to love Jesus, how to talk with Him, than Mary? The rosary that keeps coming up in this conversation, let it come up out of our pockets and pocketbooks, and be used. “Pray the Rosary”. Isn’t that what Mary has said both in Fatima and Medjugorje? Like a child, we must hold the hands of both Jesus and Mary throughout our life. Who knows maybe we can even skip a little, as we smile at our new found friends walking down the street.