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Our Wake Up Call

a wake up call

Where are we? Where are you? What do we think is going on? It’s time for us to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts. We spend too much time worrying about what people think about us. We spend so much time stressing over how much we earn, what we have, and what we want. We compare ourselves with others and let that comparison determine if we are on the right path, and if we are making good choices? It is time for us to wake up, look around and realize that this world is not really our final home.

We say, “We believe in God”. Do we? What does this belief consist of? Where does it come from? Does it come from our mind, or our heart? Or, is it something that flows out of habit? Do we really think God is Almighty? That He really loves us? That Jesus Christ is both God and man? That He died for us? That He showed us how we are to live our lives? If we believe these truths, then how are our lives shaped because of them? Our lives must be affected by these “Truths” that were just stated above.

These are lots of questions, hard questions that require hard answers. Unfortunately, we utter these truths with a vague look in our eyes and kind of ignore what the effects are on our lives. Well, no more. This is not the time to just read a post and then nod your head in approval, or shake your head in disapproval. This is the time we must begin to answer these questions, from our heart, from our soul.

If the CHRIST really came to show mankind how to live, how to love, how to forgive AND this is GOD doing the showing, then each of us must stop what we are doing and figure out what the impact is on our individual lives. There is no “That’s nice” and continue with the same old, same old, whatever it is that occupies our time, our minds, our lives. Look at our world! The same old, same old is not cutting it. More and more evil descends upon the earth. We tolerate everything and anything. Murder, Guns, Abortion, Apartheid, Civil Wars, Wars. You name it we allow it. All in the name of freedom of speech, freedom to carry arms, it’s not our country. Well, let me tell you something, IT IS OUR WORLD! And we are letting it go to hell in a hand basket.

I can hear the thoughts and grumblings right now. I am only one person. What can I do? I don’t live over there. I don’t even own a gun. Abortion is allowed by law now. Excuse after excuse is given to mollify the fact that we are screwing up. Good begets good. One good action by 10 people means that more people will do good actions. Good can conquer evil. Jesus showed us that it can even conquer death. But….Do we really believe that? In order for us to change our lives, we have to go back to the roots and ask ourselves, “What do I REALLY believe?” Do I really believe all the things that I say I do? If so, then they should be changing my life. I should want my life to change for the better. I should be asking God to help me change. But the effort is not there. Is it?

Christ wants His followers (Christians, Catholic Christians) to recognize that they have received something very special. In the gift of Faith that they were given at Baptism, they also received the Flame of Love. They have been charged with not letting it go out. We do our best to smother it, to douse it, to eradicate the flame. How? By not leading the life that we are challenged to live. By seeking other avenues to follow, rather than the path that Christ knows is best for us. We do our …worst to severely hamper the flame. But every now and then, we say, we are sorry. Every now and then we confess to our God that we know we are not living the life that He intends and that we are sorry, truly sorry. The flame begins to flicker from that near dead ember. What it becomes, what it grows into will depend on our future actions of love with our Creator, our future decisions.

You see, each of us has a mission. We may just be starting out in life, or nearing its’ end, regardless where we are, we must always be trying to learn what God wants of us. What is our mission? Think about it. This loving God has created you, and the maker of guns, and the buyer of guns, and the abortionist, the murderer, the people selling and using drugs, the legions of armies killing and raping. He has created all of us. It is very easy to see that many of us are not attempting to live the life that God intended. Many of us are not trying to find out what is our mission in life. Mission?? I know my mission. It is to get money, or pleasure, or my way… We come to these facile answers so readily. It doesn’t seem to be very difficult to come up with an answer, any answer. Are these what God intends for us? For you? For me?

Each mission is unique to each of us. Why are you, you? Why am I, me? Our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly have all taken their share of ownership into making us who we are, today. One bad decision goes on top of another, on top of a good one, followed by another bad one. We are products of each action of our life added together. We didn’t mean for this to happen. It just did. And now, we are the sum total of all of these. It seems like an insurmountable task to extricate ourselves from all of this …junk. And yet, it isn’t. Jesus saw our utterly dependent we were. Jesus saw that our frailty was such that we could not help ourselves. So He took all of this “junk” upon Himself and paid the ultimate price for us. He died on a cross.

Where does this leave us, then? We are to act, to be the intelligent humans that God created. If we see that Christ died for us; if we realize that He did this to show us how to live; then something must be expected from us. We are to accept His sacrifice for us. We are to embrace His death on the cross. Before you think that is easy, consider what is meant by “accept”, by “embrace”. The only way we can accept or embrace anything is to take it completely, to make it ours totally. Christ wants us to follow His example. This is what He meant when He said, “Come, Follow Me”. Stop the judging of others; Stop figuring out the best angle for you; Stop striving to receive the adulation of others. This is not what Jesus wants of us. Follow Him. Follow Him to the bedside of the sick, of the depraved. Feel their pain and agony. Pray for the people that are turning this world into a graveyard. Recognize that all, everyone, each of us are struggling. Recognize that trusting God does not mean to pray for things to go the way you want them to. Trust this God, this Loving God, who wants only the best for you. Trust Him with your very life. And you shall live with Him through all eternity.

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Are We Free or Not?

Puppet or Free Will?

We speak of God as being our father, our creator; and, that He is love. In our mind’s eye, we picture some elderly person with a long flowing beard, dressed in a white robe. These are our attempts at trying to comprehend, something that defies comprehension. So what can possibly be said about God that contains objective truth and is not mere speculation?

This whole discussion is predicated on two beliefs. The first is that He is responsible for the creation of all that is in the universe. We look at the order that we see in the universe, and in ourselves. This did not just happen by chance. Someone, something is responsible for all the order. This someone we call God. The second belief, that we are holding here, is that He must be perfect. This is essential in our concept of an infinite being. And since perfection involves all positive qualities, and love is positive, God is love.

Before I go any further, I acknowledge that these few lines do not constitute a proof of the existence of God. They are just intended to present a summary of many lines of thought about God, His existence, His makeup, His love.

Having stated these things, picture a box. In that box is every person that has ever lived, or will ever live. Everything that has ever been in this universe is in that box. Holding this box is God. This box is time. We are in time; God is outside of the box, beyond time; He is infinite. He can see, right now, from one end of the box to the other. He sees (now) what we see as having happened in the past, and he sees (now) what will happen in the future. We on the other hand, living in time, we see everything as having a cause and effect, a start and an end. This start and end view constitutes what we call time.

Having said all of this, an interesting position comes forth, namely Free Will. There are some that deny the existence of free will. Instead, they claim that man is pre-ordained, or pre-destined to do things, even to what his eventual end will be. They say, “If God knows what we will do, then we must not be free; we do not have free will. It is already pre-determined what we will do.” Think back to the box. We can do whatever we wish. We can do good or we can do evil. The choice is ours. We are free to decide what we will do. God knows (now) what our eventual choice will be, because He is outside of time, outside of the box.
What we do, what we say, what we think, how we treat others, our lives are determined by ourselves, not by God. We cannot blame outside events, or other people as to why we do, what we do. We, and only we, are responsible. We may allow events to affect us, but it is WE that do the allowing. People may hurt us, but WE allow their words and actions to affect us. God has given mankind, and only mankind, free will. He has given us the intelligence to cope, to understand, to act in ways that we see fit. It is OUR choice to act as we do. What is your choice?