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God and Man

breath of life

Let’s look at man’s concept of God. But in order to do that, we must first look at man, himself. Mankind lives and dies. He is born, grows, and with that growth, eventually ages and dies. All matter has this same progression of existence. Over time, matter is formed and eventually ceases to exist. Because of this passage from one stage to the next, mankind can measure how long it takes to go from beginning to end, from start to finish. That measuring stick we call “Time”.

If we could find a box large enough, all matter could be placed in that box. Stars, planets, moons, sun, people, every material thing could be placed in there. Since all matter has a beginning and an end and that box holds all matter, we can call that box “Time”, our measuring stick. Everything in this box is dependent on time. We judge how long it takes for earth to make one complete revolution on its own axis, and we call it a day. We split the day into segments and we call them hours. And so the progression proceeds. We notice also, that the earth while spinning on its’ own axis, is also orbiting around the Sun. As it progresses through that orbit we notice that seasons change. All of this is measured by Time.

Well, what is not in this box of Time? Does anything exist outside this box? If the box contains all material things, then only non-material things could be outside the box. Non-material!?!? What exists, and doesn’t have matter associated with it? We inside the box, only experience the material things. Whatever is outside this box of time, had to be the …person? Entity? that created the box, in the first place. That person cannot be in the box and the creator of that box, at the same time. That force, that entity, we simply call God. God is outside the restrictions of time.

Since that box contains created matter, and since God is not in the box and therefore non-material, He must be the Initiator, the Starter, the Creator of that box of things. And so we have the concept of God, the Creator.

In order to understand a little about the Creator, we had to first start with His creations, those things that we see, and can touch. So maybe in order to continue our admiration of our God, we must, once again, look at His creations. This would be very much like looking at a series of paintings by a painter, to understand the driving force of the painter, himself. All matter, as we said, is in this box of time. We can see majestic mountains, birds flying in the sky, all manner of fish in the deep blue oceans. We see animals of all sorts walking the lands of our earth. And we see…MAN. The best that the animals in the air, or sea, or on the land can do is to live by the natural instincts within them. Only man, however, can think. Only man can make decisions and choose one way or another. These are not instinctual choices, they are reasoned. Man utilizes his thinking, as well as his instincts, his fears, and all of his other emotions to settle on a course of action, to make a choice. He can freely do this or that, seeking no one’s permission, but his own choice. Man is truly different from every other animal on this planet.

Why is this so? Why would the Creator make this creature so different from all the rest? The short answer is LOVE. The Creator, being All-Good, loves us with total abandon. He wanted man to be able to make a free choice to love Him back. What good would a forced response of love back to the Creator be? It would be like a child exclaiming, “Look mom, I made the robot do what I wanted it to do”. No, a free will would be bestowed on a rational creation. This was how God wanted man to be. The love back to his God would be knowing, and willing, as well as loving.

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Newtown: 3 Days Later

Don’t just read this and nod your head and agree and then go about your day, as you normally do.

Now is the time to Change.

We are three days removed from the Newtown horror. What is being said? What is being posed as “solutions”? What are the TV stations saying what should be done? We are hearing arguments for gun control, safer schools, better understanding of mental health issues … and … the list goes on. It seems we are always addressing our problems from the rear. Our answers are re-active, knee jerks. Throw more money at a problem. Remove the objective cause of the problem. Make the bridge safer, the aqueduct stronger, the building more secure. Why is the solution ALWAYS outside of us? We didn’t pull the trigger. We didn’t buy the gun. We were not asked how to make the building safer. We want so hard to remove the problem, make it go away that we don’t address the whole problem…US.

The solutions for problems like these must rest within mankind. Mankind?… ehhh… that would be YOU and ME. I said in “Newtown: His Heart is Pierced Again” that the person committing these actions cannot know God. At the root of the problem must be his outlook on God, on life, on himself, on others. If he knew God, who is the source of love and goodness, he could not, would not perform such ugly, heinous actions. So the task of prevention must begin with the person…. Person? When we say the word “person” we are referring to ALL of mankind.

What are the beliefs of mankind? What is the educational background of mankind? What is the familial outlook of mankind? All of these questions are very valid? And all require some heavy lifting on OUR part. “Come on”, you say, “what do beliefs, or educational background or familial outlook have to do with ME? I am just one person. I don’t even live near Connecticut. What can I do? I am not a teacher and educator.”

For starters each of us must look within ourselves and see what we hold most important in our life. We must see what is at the top of the ladder and what is at the bottom. Where do we place God in the scheme of things? Money? Fame? Possessions? Pleasure? What matters most to us? If it is not God, then we are part of the problem. How can such a bold statement like that be made? What matters most to us, will drive our actions in our daily lives. If God is not important to me, then it doesn’t matter to me if our country takes Him out of our schools, our courts, our libraries. We will remain silent on that issue. If God is just an afterthought, then other things that the world presents to me will be ahead of Him. What we pass on to our children will be these very same values. Our value system will become theirs. If we don’t care for God, then they will not know God.

I hope you understand that even though your children are grown up, even though you have no children, even though you are not yet married, whatever your state in life, you are important. Your value system WILL be passed on to someone. Don’t just read this and nod your head in agreement and then go about your day, as you normally do. YOU are mankind. Jesus came to save us, you and me. His value system should be ours, must be ours.

Taking on the value system of a Christian, and believing in Jesus do not happen overnight. To form a friendship with a person, we must work at it. We are drawn by something they say or do, we get to know them better as a result. We eventually think of them not as a stranger but as a friend, a dear friend. Gradually, some of their outlooks, their values become ours, as well. The same is with the friendship we have with Jesus. Get to know Him. In your mind and heart, weigh what He says. Grow close to Him, really close. Listen to the words he chose to say. “Let the children come to me” (you and I), “The healthy have no need of a physician” (what is He telling us?), “Go and do likewise”, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. There is so much love and goodness laid out before us. But we need to HEAR it, to THINK about it, to ACCEPT it. Pray that His words become part of you, part of your lifestyle. Then, as St. Paul says, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” Then what we pass on to others will be the love of Jesus and through that love the world WILL change.