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Valentine’s Day and God

I wish I could give you a reason why I have not written for such a long time. The truth is I can’t. I can only say, “I am sorry”. Days turned into weeks, and weeks, into months. The longer I stayed away, the more difficult it was for me to return. The more embarrassed I became over my inertia. This embarrassment, itself, became an obstacle to overcome as well. I was, and still am, embarrassed.  I wish I could point to something like… a dark night of the soul. At least then, it would seem to be more understandable. At least to me it would. It would have a kind of nobility about it. But that is not the case. I cannot, even now, put my finger on it.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day when we open our hearts to those we care about. This seems like a perfect day to renew again a friendship that started almost two years ago. That is how long TheSteppingStones has existed. I will try to be more consistent, more faithful to this blog site and to you, the readership.

Valentine’s Day is a day we think of chocolates, rings, gifts, undying love, and marriage proposals. One more affection we should think of today …God’s love for us. He has created this world and the order in it. All life has its existence because of God’s love. What is man that You are mindful of him, Oh Lord? We all know of the account of creation spoken of in the Old Testament. Do we think of this as a nice little story? A poetic way of looking at mankind’s existence?  If we have no faith, no belief in God then that is about the only way we can look at this narrative.

But our faith says otherwise. God does exist. His infinite goodness means He is pure love. We can say that because love is a good thing, and if He is infinite goodness, then He is infinite love, as well. This infinite-love-Being created the planets and all life. Why? What for? For His own amusement? Much like a child plays with ants until he grows tired of them? This does not sound like an all-loving Being to me. It sounds more like a being that is bored, and needs to be amused. This is not why God created mankind. A loving God must create out of love. In this instance…God is helpless. His own perfection, His love insists that He creates mankind. You and I exist because God loves us. He has loved us from all eternity. Knowing what we are capable of, knowing what and where we lack…He still loves us.

God creates mankind. His infinite love for us again dictates to Him. This time it compels Him to give mankind free will, even if it means mankind can choose against God. Without free will, mankind would simply be like a robot doing only what the Creator had instilled in him. So we, mankind, use our free will to pursue our God? No, not really. We pursue whatever we desire, whenever we desire, however we desire. God’s plan, from all eternity, saw this and knew that the bond between God and man could not, should not be broken. Jesus comes to man to show him how to live, how to love, how to treat his fellow man. These were not ants to be played with. These were lives to die for.

So here we are, two thousand plus years after Jesus’ arrival. We are still tripping over our own feet. We are still addressing our own needs first. We know but seem to have forgotten that God loves us. We know that Jesus came for a purpose, but that purpose seems too hard to adopt. We close our eyes and pretend that all is well, but we know, deep inside, that something is wrong. Oh, the effort! What must we do? “Lord God, help my unbelief. Help my heart burn with your love. Let me feel the warmth of your love and give that love to all that I meet today.” Let this Valentine’s Day really be a day that we give love to all. In loving each other we are loving our Creator.


I Believe in God…

God and Mankind

(1st in a series of a presentation on The Apostles Creed)

Looking out over my back yard, I can see my garden, trees, rooftops, the clouds in the sky. This panorama greets me every day, and I hardly take notice of the beauty. Usually, I am too busy with the “needs” of the day, to slow down and look at the beauty that God gives us on a daily basis.  If I pay closer attention, I might catch sight of a hawk or two gliding with the thermals, the constant jabber of smaller birds in the trees. Looking at my yard filled with multi colored flowers, I can see butterflies flitting from one flower to another, in search of what I don’t really know.  All of this and more exists every day for us, and it might, just might, get a casual glance from us.

We deceive ourselves very easily into thinking that this job, this project, this goal is what is necessary to make our lives complete. We allow ourselves to settle for this world’s offerings, as though they are why we are here on earth. Very early in our lives we were taught that to be happy, we must have financial security and we must satisfy our wants and needs, no matter the cost. Slowly, over our lives, these goals became paramount in our lives. So important are they that we teach them to our young, and the cycle begins anew.

IF you believe in God, then you must have thought at some time, why am I here? Why did God make me? I think it is safe to say that from God’s viewpoint, “The purpose of life, the purpose of our existence is not to gain financial freedom and not to satisfy our every want.”

My belief is that God, a loving god, could do nothing less than to share His goodness with His creations. His love demanded it. So in the creation of the world, God reveals His beauty, His artistry. Mankind was created, with the sole purpose of experiencing the goodness, the beauty, the joy of being united with their Creator. Every aspect of God’s creation has the sole objective of revealing a different part of Him.

God’s love gave us free will, too. What joy could we experience, if we were compelled to love God? The freedom of choice is the highest gift that God could give us. It elevated mankind above all of the rest of creation. Unfortunately, if we use this free will unwisely, we can forfeit our experience of the goodness, the beauty, the joy of being united with our Creator. Yet, our God saw this as the necessity it was, so that mankind could experience the dizzying heights of being united with our God, through their own choice.

We have allowed ourselves to dig the holes that we find ourselves in. As we try to emerge from these graves, we should, we must re-focus our gaze on God. He is a God of Love. He is not something, someone made up. He is not the confused ramblings of a madman. He is. He does exist. He created you for one purpose and that is to be united with Him. What is important to us, what we pursue is up to us. What is YOUR choice?   goto next segment>>