Hail, Full of Grace

Hail, Full of Grace

I have often wondered why people, who believe that God created the world from nothing; who believe that He created planets, and mountains, and stars and seas; who maintain their belief that this same God could make human beings with all their faculties and the delicate workings of veins and arteries and synapses, and yet, these same people maintain that this same God could not conceive a child in the womb of a virgin. I know that first sentence was extremely long, but I could not see any other way of showing the disparity between what God did for mankind and the claim that a virginal birth was impossible.

Realizing that Jesus is the Son of God, the second person in the Trinity, He could not be conceived as you or I. The Spirit of God will “overshadow” Mary. And in this way, Jesus becomes implanted in her virginal womb, to allow the human process of birth to take place.. This I know sounds like a child’s story. It sounds incredible. But therein rests our belief that Jesus is the Son of God. Mary is to carry this pregnancy for nine months, as would any other mother. The only difference is that she did not forfeit her virginity.

One other aspect about this article of faith that often gets overlooked. God created mankind. God gave mankind all sorts of abilities. We can laugh and cry, think and plan, and say “yes” and “no”. Mary had the human right to say, “No”. She had the right, the free will, to decline the offer. She could have said, “I don’t have the time”. “I am not worthy, so no, I can’t do that”. I have other plans for what my life will be. I don’t want to go through what lies ahead for the mother of that child. These choices were all available to her. And so, the sending of the Redeemer into the world, hung in the balance, waiting for her decision. God would never take away the gift of free will. God will never force her, or us, to be good, to do the right thing. We always have a choice. The choice will always be ours, to be answered with our free will.

And then the magical words, the beautiful words were uttered by Mary, “Be it done unto me, according to Your will”. With those words, the Heavens opened up, choirs of angels must have sung their loudest, most beautiful sounds. The entire universe was wrapped in joy. It is not a child’s story. It is not a fairy tale. For once the news was not of warring nations, was not of tragedies overtaking people. Relief was in sight. Mankind could once again function as it was meant to, as a caring, loving people. Such is the power of Redemption, of Salvation.

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