wedding garment

Just recently, at Sunday Mass, we heard the Gospel of St. Matthew (chap. 22). In this Gospel, we hear the parable about the wedding feast being prepared and no one wishing to attend. All made some excuse as to why they could not. Eventually, the King, (the master of the house) had his servants go out to the highways and find people to come to the wedding feast. The banquet hall now being full, could proceed. But the King sees a person who is not properly dressed for the feast, and asks him why? “How did you get in here without a wedding garment?” But the man gave no response. At this, the King has the man bound and thrown outside into the darkness.

I don’t know about you, but I always found this scene disturbing. A man is sought out and brought in, but punished because he wasn’t dressed properly. It didn’t seem quite fair. Some scholars believe that the king would provide the garments to all of the guests, regardless of their state in life. Thus the man’s not wearing a garment, was an act of defiance against the King. He would eat the food and drink the wine provided, but not follow the “rules of etiquette”. Other scholars felt that the wedding garment signified living a good life, repentance, a change of heart and in so doing, warranted the acceptance of the banquet. The wedding garment signified the responsibilities of accepting the reward.

Let’s apply this to today’s day and age. What do we know that is being provided to you, to me, to all of us….FREELY?? If you are Christian, you believe that Jesus came into the world for one reason, one purpose. He would show us, how to live, how to believe and that He would die for us, paying the price of our salvation. It was freely done, freely given. If we exist, then He died for us, and we are invited to the banquet, to the kingdom. Every person, regardless of faith, conviction or life-style, everyone is freely invited to the Father’s Kingdom, to the banquet. But, likened to the king in Matthew’s Gospel, He asks that we clothe ourselves, with a proper garment. Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, is to be our garment. He showed us how to live, how to treat others, how to bear with pain and suffering. He didn’t enter this world, just to die. He gave us the garment of His life, His way of living. This is the garment that we are to put on.

If we are to accept the reward of the wedding feast, then we are to accept the garment necessary for entrance to that wedding feast. All it takes is our “yes”. Yes, I will try to do that. Even though I trip and fall, I will get up and try again. God knows our free will. He knows it will challenge us again and again. Our choices may not always be “spot on”. They may not always be glowing with light and greatness. He forgave us, as we are. He redeemed us, as we are. He loves us, as we are. All He wants from us is to continue to try to accept Him, to try to strive to be like Him. All He wants from us is to accept the wedding garment, He holds out to us. Can we accept it? Will we accept it? Let’s try. See you in the banquet hall!!??!!

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