A few days ago, I asked you, “Are You Important?” Your answer is between you and God and no one else will know what was decided. As I think about that question, though, I wonder if this question should have been asked first, “What is Important to you?” It probably doesn’t matter which comes first, but I think knowing what is important to us will help us shape our impression of ourself. So let’s follow that question, now.

I will list ten things in no special order. I want you to think about each. On a scale of 1 to 10 grade them accordingly. A one, represents the least important; and a ten, the most important to you. Before we begin, let’s get one thing clear. No one is listening, or raising their eyebrows at your selections. This is a time for each of us to be honest with ourselves, and try to understand our own motives a little bit better. Ok… so here is the list. No numbers yet:


– What others think about me?______________________________________
– What do I see as being most desirable to possess?_________________
– What am I afraid that others may know about me?_________________
– Must I have the last word in an argument?_________________________
– What makes people likeable in my eyes?___________________________
– How often do I pray when not in church?__________________________
– How often do I go to church?_____________________________________
– What people(s) do I instinctively shrink back from?________________
– When was the last time I truly praised someone else? _____________
– Do I like myself?_________________________________________________

Ok, so now what? Before you start assigning numbers and erasing and moving the results around, take one question, any question. Start where ever you want to. Don’t begin thinking of numbers, but rather for each question, ask yourself?

– What feeling does this question cause me? Is it happy or sad?
– Do I feel comfortable or uncomfortable?
– Because of this, do I see any faults within me?
– What areas need to be addressed?
– Will this be corrected by reading, talking, or soul searching?
– How critical is this to my improvement?


(This actually is a good way to process our feelings, anytime. It gets us looking at our feelings honestly and trying to understand them.)

They are not in any special order, None carry more weight than any of the others. They are distributed over emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, and personal choices. There is no right or wrong answer. These answers are just possible avenues whereby we can know ourselves just a little bit better. I am not a psychologist, or anything like that. There may be absolutely no value to what is listed above, or the process outlined. These are listed, solely, to help us know ourselves a little bit better. Why? The next time we pray to our God, or favorite saint and we list our problems, our hopes, our fears, our worries, maybe we will have a little bit better picture of who is doing the praying and the asking. For what is important to us, will surely play a role in shaping our motives, our actions. They might even tell us where our own importance lies and what we need to work on.

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