jigsaw fin

Let me ask you a question. How important are you? Before you answer, though, I want you to think about your parents, your children, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your fellow students. Think about the people who you don’t like, and the people who don’t like you. Who are you? What are you to them? Do these people depend on you? Do they expect you to be there for them, when it counts? Do they need you? Do you need them? Do you know them? Any one of these questions you can and should think about. They will help you shape your outlook on yourself.

Now for the next and bigger question … How important are you to your God? We might gloss over all of the people that we see on a daily basis. But, God? Did we even think about our being important to Him? God is infinite. God is omnipotent. What could He possibly need me for? If we think along those lines, we are missing some very key pieces of evidence. Like a jig saw puzzle, these pieces all fit together. The Will of God. God’s Goodness and Love. Mankind’s Free Will. Peace and Serenity. Let’s see how these four pieces, when brought together define our importance.

First, let’s focus on God’s Goodness and Love. God must be a God of Goodness and Love. Why do I say that? How can I say that? For God to be God, He must be perfect. He must be everything He can possibly be and to the nth degree. Evil is the lack of good and therefore no vestige of it can exist within God. So we can truly say that He is complete with goodness and love.

Next, we look at God’s Will, His plan for the world. That plan flowing from this God, (Who is total Goodness), it also must be something positive, something very good, very special. If it were otherwise, it could not come from this all-good God. So these two pieces fit very nicely together. They seem to almost flow into one another. It is very difficult to see where one ends and the other begins.

When this God of Love, created the universe and mankind, His love, out of necessity, flowed into them as well. Do we think that God would create or would allow to be created, an evil that would go counter to all the Goodness that He places in the world? He loves mankind, so much, that He gives every person in the world, their own free will. No one in this world would be forced to love God, forced to do anything that they didn’t want to do. Mankind is totally free. This freedom is a good thing…but, as we know, and have seen, it can be abused!!

However, when each of us uses our free will and endeavors to flow in sync, with God’s Plan for the world, then mankind and God are in harmony. That harmony is the last piece of the puzzle, called Peace and Serenity. The plan is complete. The accord that exists is all of nature being in harmony.

But, unfortunately, we don’t have to make our free will and the Will of God blend together. We can do as we wish. But, in so doing, that is when disharmony results. God’s plan is harmonious. People seeking their OWN will, moving towards their OWN needs, forgetting their purpose in life results not in harmony, but chaos. We then don’t have the perfect world envisioned by our God. We have a world fashioned by man catering to the wants of man. We have a polluted world, a warring world, a hateful world, a dis-functional world.

So I ask you, how important are you? Is everyone? Each one of us has an important role to play in God’s plan. Our actions, our cravings, and our deeds are they flowing from our own needs, our own wants? Or are they striving to follow God’s plan? Each of us has something, just over the horizon, waiting for our response. Sometimes, we don’t even have a clue that that something is depending on us. We don’t know the future. But we do know right from wrong. We do know how goodness should act. We know how the Christ wants us to act with respect to others. No, we don’t know the future, but we don’t have to. All we need to know is that our God loves us, and is waiting for us to love Him back. If we do that, the future will take care of itself. And, we will take care of loving our God and ALL of His creation. Especially, the people I asked you to think about at the beginning of this writing.

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