the thinker

I fear sometimes, that we read articles, nod our heads in agreement, make some vague resolution and then continue on with our day. We promptly forget our resolve. The day gets in the way of our making our lives anew. We have things to do, places to go, stores to buy in, homes to clean, windows to fix…all of these and thousands of other “things” need our attention. What about the resolutions that we made earlier in the day? Well they get pushed back. These other things that we HAVE to do, they take precedence over the resolution.

This, I guess, is normal behavior for everyone. We have become so conditioned over the years of our lives that we truly see our life as consisting of so many things to do, and to accomplish. Getting things done has become the sole objective of our life. And, by getting those things done, we associate a certain measure of our day as being successful. How often we say to our self, “I didn’t get anything done today. I just sat around and did nothing”. We see our body as being immobile and conclude that our day has been a failure. Reading something, like this blog, is then put into the completed column. “Well, that’s done…now what?”

The thoughts in our life, (a very important part of our life), are to be reckoned with. A conversation with someone ends badly, “Why?” We need to understand what went wrong with it, and how to avoid that in the future. Yes, we can avoid that person, but that really does not accomplish anything other than to avoid the possibility of arguing with that person again. We don’t learn anything about the situation, or our self. We get angry over another driver’s inconsiderateness. Again, we must ask our self “Why did that get under my skin, so badly?” In short, we need to try to understand our life, our motivations, our own desires, and so many other things about us. We read an article, and it ends…or does it? Whatever we read, whether a blog, a newspaper item, or even a sports column, we do so … not just for information. To read something good or bad is not the objective, but to understand what it means to me and how it affects me? What is the author trying to tell me? If he/she is correct what are they trying to help me with?

We do spend very much of our lives trying to feel good, to feel better about our self. Sometimes, we put so much effort in the feeling good part, that we completely overlook the part about our own growth. “Hey, I am getting up in years. What’s with this growth business?” We are never too old to learn, or grow. Our understanding of our own motives, our inclinations, our strengths and our weaknesses does not stop with age. The moment we stop trying to understand ourselves, well, that is when we might as well hang it up. We have not reached perfection, so there is still something for us to improve in our self. If you think you are already as good as you should be, then I guarantee you that you have much to learn about yourself.

Every day affords us an opportunity to learn. Each day something new touches us or, something old touches us but in a new way, or something old touches us and still bothers us in the same way. Regardless, we must ask ourselves, “What does this mean to me”. When we lose our inquisitiveness, we have stopped wanting or trying to learn. Please, every day, set a time aside for meditation. It is defined as: “extended thought; reflection; contemplation”. People associate meditation as being a religious exercise. At its’ highest moments, it is. But, reflection on what something means and how it affects me need not be a religious exercise. It is an attempt to learn and grow. This is something all of us must continue to do until we draw our last breath. So, I ask you…”What is this blog saying to you”?

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