We are sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with friends. Every now and then a chuckle is heard within the room. We don’t even have to look, because we know who the person is that is laughing. There is always a smile on his face, and this evening is no exception. He pushes his chair back and stands up. Looking at each of us, he raises a glass of wine. He indicates that we should all do the same, and so we do, as we, too, stand up. He smiles, makes a toast and after putting his glass down, he looks at each of us, as if searching our very soul. His look tells us that what follows next will be very serious.

The room is suddenly very quiet. We listen, waiting in anticipation, for what he is about to say. And then, he quietly speaks, “I will die tonight. Nothing can stop this from happening. But there is no cause for you to be alarmed, this must happen, so that you can believe in me. I will come back to you after a few days.” We are shocked. We cannot comprehend these words. We don’t understand why he would say such a thing. To a person, we all think we have misunderstood the words he just spoke. If we really heard correctly, then we have to re-assess what has been happening over these last three years of our friendship with him.

Now, go back some 2,000 years. Put yourself in that room with Jesus, as they celebrated the feast of Passover. The events that led up to that evening were kind of similar to what was narrated above. Jesus veiled His words by speaking of destroying the temple and that He would re-build it in three days. But these were just words…weren’t they? He speaks of the bread and wine being His Body and Blood. What is He trying to tell us? Confused, you leave the room with Him and follow Him to Gethsemane. He is snatched from you and the others. Tried in a kangaroo court, He is condemned to death and dies on a cross. What do you do, now? Go back to that room, and hide. “If they did that to Him what will they do to me?” This is on everyone’s mind.

It was only after Jesus came back to them, and shows them His wounds, could they begin to understand. They reflected on His life, His words, and His actions and began piecing them together as they would a puzzle. Slowly, they realized the purpose of this Man’s life, and thus their own purpose, as well. But still they were afraid. It is only when the Holy Spirit comes to them do they fully believe and understand.

Like the Apostles, we are no different. In order for us to understand our purpose, our reason for existence, why God created our unique personality we must look to the Christ. Who is He? Do I believe He truly walked this earth? Why do I think He came? What is my relationship with Him? Does He want something from me? What? It is only by posing these questions to our self and honestly seeking out their answers can we begin to understand ourselves. Just like the Apostles, we must try to put the life of Jesus in proper perspective.

His words are meant for us to ponder: “For this was I born, and for this I came into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth hears my voice.” (John 18:37). We cannot kid ourselves any longer. Do we want to know the truth? Do we really want to know who we are? We are the only ones that can make this decision.

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