peace in emotion

The next time you feel down, displeased with yourself, think about this: God has not changed. If He could/would change, then He would not be God. He does not vacillate from mood to mood. (We do, He doesn’t.) He is constant. His love for us is always there. He wishes only for you to grow in your love for Him. But, when we are down and depressed, we feel that the whole world is at odds with us. It is difficult to feel God’s love, or even think of God’s love. Nothing seems to be right, when we are down.

Things that we enjoyed doing, looked forward to doing, no longer have their appeal. No longer do we seek them out. Everything is a struggle, and seems to be too much for us to carry. It is during these times that we must realize that the world is not against us, but it is ourselves. We are actually at odds with ourselves. The battle rages within us. It does not stem from the outside, but rather has its origins from within us. Yes, people do pass away. Friends and relatives do disappoint us. But these are events, events which are OUTSIDE of us. You say, “Wait, I have a cancer, and that is not outside of me.” Personal illness, no matter what the problem, does not cause God to stop loving you. It does not invade your soul…unless we allow it. We are made of both body AND soul. There will always be sickness, and death and frustration. How we deal with these negative experiences, these gut wrenching, tear your heart out experiences, that is what determines who we are and of what we are made.

It was said up above that at times “it is difficult to feel God’s love”. To FEEL is the main word in that statement. God’s love is always there. He does not change. But, WE DO!! We feel good and we feel like praying. Things go wrong and we don’t want to pray, don’t feel like praying, or we pray asking God to work a miracle and let things change….for us. The old Baltimore Catechism defined prayer as, “The lifting up of the mind and heart to God”. That definition still holds true in today’s world. Whoever coined that phrase, really knew what they were saying. LIFTING UP… doesn’t that imply that we are down, depressed, struggling with the world in which we live? Lifting up our mind AND heart to God. We associate the heart with our feelings, our love, and our emotions. We are lifting up all of these to our God. We let Him know that we still love Him even as we have experience death in our family, even as relatives and friends continually disappoint us, even as sickness invades our body. Because we are striving to be at one with our God, we can still genuinely smile. Why? Because, being at one with Him is really all that matters.

You may think that this is out of order. You say, “We are affected by this world and we suffer because of it”. But this is not so. Think seriously about this: our emotions have become our masters, not our brain, not our mind, not our beliefs, but our emotions!!??!! We allow how we feel to dictate to us as to how we will live our day, today. Think about it, you know that this is true. We allow our sadness, our guilt, and our frustrations to rule over us. Yes, I said, “guilt”. We know we have done wrong, and we know that God loves us. But we allow our disappointment in ourselves, our guilty feelings, to sway our day, to affect how we live that day. Eventually, the guilt wanes and becomes almost forgotten…and we gradually FEEL better. Not because we have done something about it, but because we have forgotten it. The action that was done was still done. But our memory of it has faded into our subconscious. We don’t think about it anymore, we don’t want to think about it anymore, and thus… we feel better.

This is not intended to be a gloom and doom type of writing. No, on the contrary, our unchanging, immutable, constant God loves us. He sees our failings. He does not condone them, but He does understand the circumstances that surround them. He loves us. We are a confused, suffering, struggling, abusing creature that flounders in a sea of turmoil. Hate the sin. Love the sinner. That’s us, you and me! God loves us and will continue to love us. What is He waiting for? He is waiting for you and me to start really loving Him, loving a God who forgave us and died for us. He is waiting with arms outstretched to embrace us, but we must accept Him, love Him, and maybe even die for Him. When we recognize that our goal in life, our only goal, is to be one with Him, one in love, one in our actions, one in purpose then we will be truly following His example. The only emotion that we will then feel, regardless of the turmoil around us, is the joy of being one with our God, at peace with our God.

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