power of god

In today’s Gospel, the story of Lazarus and his sisters, Jesus tells them to roll back the stone at the entrance of the tomb. Martha, one of the sisters, urges Jesus not to, “…because of the odor”. “Jesus said to her: Did not I say to thee, that if thou believe, thou shalt see the glory of God?” (John 11: 40) These words, I believe, are the key to Christianity. If we believe in Him, if we trust Him our lives will be on the correct path. We will be living the lives of Christians.

We see the Apostles, after Christ’s resurrection, going out and teaching people and being amazed at what “they” can do. They cure the sick and the lame. They raise the dead. All of this is done, “…in the name of Jesus”. They believe in Jesus’ words. They believe that He is the Son of God. What they can do is a reflection of their belief. What they can do shows the power of God.

The beauty of this one passage, this one sentence shouts out to all of us, “Believe in Me”. It is our belief in Jesus, our faith, our trust, our devotion and dedication that permit God to work through us. He never forces Himself on any of us. He gave us free will and He waits for that free will to embrace Him. It is not a simple task. We see the saints’ lives enduring all forms of torture, physical, mental, and emotional, all in the name of Jesus. Why? Because they knew His words were true. If they believed in Jesus, they would see the glory of God.

It seems like such a simple statement, “I believe in Jesus”. But it entails a dedication, a devotion that encompasses our total life. We don’t always manifest this belief, and that is where we doubt ourselves and stop. We feel that this is impossible for us, and we stop trying. And, it is impossible!! It is, if we think that WE are going to accomplish this on our own. Belief, trust in Jesus is truly a dedication of ourselves to Him, to His words, to His way of life. It is a gift. The more we believe, the more the gift increases. We will trip, and stumble and fall as we try to follow Him. He knows that. But do we really think that Jesus is looking for results? Isn’t He rather, more interested in our conviction, our dedication, and our attempts at following Him, at being Him in our life?

We may suffer from sickness, or pain; we may worry about our children, or our parents; we may struggle with guilt; whatever the hurdles are that confront us, God is aware, and waits for our acceptance of Him. Acceptance in His name, belief in Him, not ourselves, this is what really frees us and enables us to see the power of God in our lives. Do you really think the Apostles performed the miracles? No, their belief in God, their love of Jesus, their dedication to His way of life, their trust, this is what enabled God to work through them. “Believe in Me and you shall see the power of God”.

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