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From time to time you have heard TheSteppingStones write about the Flame of Love. I would like to talk to you about our, (yours and mine), involvement with it. When the book was highlighted a few months ago, a number of you focused on the sacrifices that Elizabeth Kindlemann made because of her love for the Flame. She led a very dedicated life as a result of her closeness to Jesus and Mary. Keep in mind, this woman may very well be proclaimed a saint. Sainthood seems an almost impossible goal for many of us. But that does not mean that we should not become involved with, nor in love with the Flame of Love.

The main task of the Flame of Love is the spreading of this wonderful news to the rest of the world, our world. Our world may only consist of our phone book contacts, our email address book, and the people we come into contact with on a daily basis. But THOSE are the people in OUR world. We really do have a responsibility to our world. They are the people we are called to like, to love and to care for.

In the book, in response to Elizabeth’s inquiry of, “Why me”, Jesus replied, “From among the worst sinners, I choose souls for my work.” Because we exist does not mean that we are automatically holy. Nor on the other hand, no matter what we have done to others, said to others, or felt about others, that does not close the door to our growing in holiness. Jesus died on the cross for ALL of us. Each one of us must address that fact. He loves us, (you and me)!! He died for us, (you and me)!! His fondest desire is that we love Him back. How we will do that, is as individual as each one of us.

But that is the sticky part. That is where it becomes a little difficult. Each one of us must figure out what it is that WE are called to do. There is no set formula for the world, other than to love one another, as Christ urged. Going to church on Sunday, dropping a donation into a basket, and stopping there is a nice act of a possibly concerned person. But why stop there? What do you have? What is unique to you? What can you give to others that they may need? When we think of giving, we automatically reach for the wallet or purse. But people, believe it or not, need you. Your uniqueness is special to, and is needed by many people.

We need to delve within ourselves to find out what it is that we have to offer. Maybe it is simply a smile of understanding, or a look in our eye of genuine concern for an individual. But whatever it is, YOU have it in your own unique way, and that is what is needed by others. This is why the Flame of Love is so important to each of us. It is urging us, actually pleading with us to grow a deeper love with Jesus and Mary. As that love becomes part of us, we will want to share this love with others, share this Flame of Love. How can we not?

Yes, Jesus asks us to make sacrifices. But, these are not simply a doing without. These are not even proofs of our love for Jesus. The sacrifices that we make are our whisperings of love that we have for Him. They show to what lengths we are willing to go to offer Him, ourselves. His words on page 15 of the diary reflect on us very vividly. “Many ask to share in my work but when I ask for a sacrifice, they grow frightened.” Is it not true, when asked to make a sacrifice, we immediately want to know, “to what extent”? For how much? What will it cost me? We measure the extent of the sacrifice, and this, we don’t even realize measures the extent of our love for Jesus. When we love, when we truly love we do not measure the cost. We act because of the love within us. What are we willing to do? What are you willing to do?

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