This post is for everyone struggling with a recent experience of someone passing on. I hope each of you is at peace. I recently had a conversation with one of my sisters, about Eleanor. El passed away on September 24th of last year. One of my sisters asked me, something to the effect of: “I know she is with God, but WHERE is she right now?” The question caught me off guard. By it, I felt that she was still struggling to cope with El’s death. We all do, you know. Struggle to cope with a loved one’s passing.

This struggle, I believe, is very natural and normal. We are, after all, very much finite beings. We are surrounded by cause and effect, we are immersed in time. We strive to put everything into its proper perspective. And so, we ask the question, “WHERE is she right now”? Right or wrong this is the only answer that we felt made any sense. I hope in some way, it helps you achieve your quiet time.

What happened at the creation of time? When God created man? He made mountains, forests and rivers. He made animals, fish and birds. But, He did something special with man. He breathed into us. Call it our spirit, our soul, our nature, whatever, but in the final analysis we have to come to the conclusion that He gave us something special, something that sets us apart from all other aspects of creation. Whether we wish to believe it or not, we were given something spiritual, something very special. God gave us, Himself.

There is a purpose in our life and the way we live it. And, this loving infinite God gave each of us a unique purpose, a path to follow. But that is not really exact. Because a path to follow implies there is only one way for us to walk, only one way to come to God and His love. This infinite God wants us to find our way back to Him. We sometimes wander off the path, maybe even take a new road, but His love for us is still there. And He writes straight with our crooked lines, our deviations. This loving God patiently waits for us to find Him, and to strive to know Him. We were created for this very reason, to realize who He is, and to feel His love for us. And, once we come to this realization, once we know and feel His love there is no going back. Everything else becomes secondary.

And so, we live our lives sometimes carefully, sometimes carelessly. St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in Thee”. We strive to find the answer for our fulfillment. And, maybe in that striving, we wander off the path. But, at some point in our life, we come to the realization that what we seek is really not here on this earth. At that point, our lives take on a brilliance, a compassion for others, because we know that God is in them, as well. Our lives take on a new direction, one of gentleness and kindness and love. God has quietly reeled us back to Himself.

Joe’s life, as was my sister’s, was full of tenderness, kindness and true affection for others. Somewhere along their path they came to a better understanding of themselves, of life, and of their God. Their love of God was manifested time and again with how they treated their fellow man. They loved, cared for, consoled, and comforted others. And yes, even made others laugh, for laughter is also a gift from God.

So the question still stands out there, “Where is he/she right now”? Their spirit, for that is truly who we are, has meshed once again with their Creator. God has embraced them tenderly and joyously. Their happiness and joy knows no limits, now.

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