Defining Actions

When was the last time someone said something hurtful to you; or did something purposely against you? And, you simply smiled, and thanked God? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It probably never happened, maybe never will happen. What is it about mankind that we defend ourselves so fiercely? It is not a question of survival of the species. It is more driven from pride! It is more a feeling of, “Don’t they know who I am”? “Don’t they realize that they just hurt me”? “This isn’t right”. It’s ME that they are directing their anger, hostility, un-thoughtfulness, unkindness at. And so, we protect ourselves. We judge others. Down deep, we consider ourselves better than other people. And feel that other people should know better than to do the things they do against us.

But we hardly ever look into the mirror at ourselves. We never question our own motives, our own feelings, our own thoughts and desires. We seem to adopt the attitude that, “If we can think them, feel them, want them… then, whatever they are, they must be right. They must be good for us. And so we pursue whatever it is that we want. We forget that the world is also pursuing what IT wants. We push that thought away, however. That does nothing for us. That thought does not benefit us.

And so we have a world, made up of people seeking only their own good, their own pleasure, and their own advancement. A world turned in on itself. A world preoccupied with what IT wants. How far from Christianity have we come? If we think of the words of Jesus, don’t they challenge us? Don’t they rebuke us? Don’t they call us to change our ways? But that seems to be too much of a hardship. Those ways, that life doesn’t conform to the way the world now works. It doesn’t conform to our expectations and our wants. And so, we choose to not delve too deeply into His words. It makes a nice story, but really… Me?? I should be doing those actions? I should be feeling that love inside myself? “For who? For what?” Those famous words spoken, then and now, speak solely of selfishness. The attitude that it expresses, is definitely in step with the motto, “What’s in it for me?”

We have all been put on this planet for a reason. God, yes there is still a God, chose you and me to be part of His creation. We spend our entire life striving, trying to fulfill the life He envisions for us. Remember, God is not in TIME. He is not measuring how long you have been good. He is not waiting for you to answer some magical bell. He wants all of us to come to the realization that we do not exist for ourselves. Why? Because, in creating us, He breathed into us our soul, our life. He breathed Himself into us. So truly, whatever we do for others, we do for Him. He is within all of us.

Our life, then, becomes a conversation with God. Whatever actions that we do, that are positive, that are good, that are helpful to others, are forgiving, and are loving, all are our “Yes” to Him. All of these actions are our agreement that we believe He exists, that He is within all of His creation. Our lives, in spite of all the twists and turns, the false starts, the ups and downs, they are to be a prayer to Him, a conversation with Him, a profession of love to our God.