christ sufferings

A question we are asked sometimes is, “How are you”? And we answer back, “I’m fine.” The routine can go either way. But regardless who is asking the question, the answer is usually the same, “I’m fine”. Why bore, and bother someone with our problems, our aches and pains? So we give the standard answer and move on to other areas.

We pass off our pains and sufferings and deal with them quietly. Or probably more accurately, we grudgingly deal with them; and when alone, curse them for slowing us down. Aches, pains, sufferings, emotional tortures all of these, we attempt to avoid at all costs. And, when we must deal with them we resent them, hate them and probably ask the walls, “Why me?”

Changing gears for a moment, “How often do you pray?” I know your brain just did an about-face. What? Where did that come from? (Stay with me, you will see the connection shortly.) If you are like me, we say to ourselves, that we are going to pray more. We might even start out on a daily streak, a straight line. But, gradually, the streak becomes more like dots and dashes, and wanders all over the place. And eventually, we are back where we started, or worse.

The trouble with prayer is that we must remind ourselves to do it. The activities of our daily life interfere and we forget what we had started out to do. A diet falls into the same category. We start out with great resolve, but gradually, daily life, daily pressures, daily temptations for that doughnut, they all start to wear us down. We forget our resolve, and we succumb.

We shouldn’t have to remind ourselves to pray. Our love for our God should instinctively bring us into conversation with Him. But, sadly, because of our lack even there, we don’t talk with God. We might ask Him, rather than the walls, “Why me?” We might ask Him for something to happen (or not happen). But we are always the recipients. If He does his job, we will be better… or so our thoughts go.

What if I told you I knew a way that you could consecrate your every day to God? How would that strike you? Believe me, it is not a free pass. But, it will bring you closer to Him. Think about what troubles you most. Think of the aches, the pains, the sufferings, the fears, the emotional tortures, it is not hard to think about them, is it? They are always there, always on your mind. You don’t have to remind yourself about them, do you? Whether you like it or not, they will pop up throughout your day. They are relentless.

Tell God, in one meaningful prayer that from this point forward, you accept any ache, any pain, any suffering that you experience, and really mean it. Remind yourself, that by your acceptance of these, and offering that acceptance to Him, this will help lessen His sadness for the world’s plight, for the condition that mankind has brought itself to, for what we have brought ourselves to. This then, will be our prayer to God, our acceptance of these things.

No, we still won’t want them. But we won’t complain about them. We won’t feel sorry for ourselves about them. They are simply circumstances that we must experience. We are making them holy for us. That acceptance is our prayer, our daily prayer to God, our manifestation of our love for Him. The best part about all of this…we don’t have to remember to pray. Each time we feel the pain, we experience the sadness, and the worries ravage us, we are accepting (and praying) to our God.

Prayer is a conversation, a talk with our God. It can be our thoughts, our words, our feelings, our attitudes, our sufferings. A mother and child silently communicate with each other as she holds him while he cries. Prayer does not have to be words. Prayer does not have to feel good all the time. But what prayer must be is it must be genuine. Our pain, our suffering is genuine. Each time we feel the onslaught of the pain or suffering, (which is our personal hell), we quietly accept it. We don’t complain about it. We don’t wish it away. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We simply tell God that this is our prayer to Him, right now. It is the best that we can do. It is all that we can do. But because it is for Him, we will bear it as best we can, without complaints. Believe me He will love you for it.