Yesterday, I re-started the COMMENT process for TheSteppingStones. The reason I stopped it in the first place was because of all the trash that literally looked like this: oiul#$34kljd on*%^&khg . I kid you not. I believe it was because I did not request an email address from the sender, and as a result people could send anything they wanted. There were dozens that looked similar to the above.

The post title, now with comment, will like this:


Under the Title you will see what it is Filed Under, and at the end is the date published. Between the two is the underlined (clickable) Leave a Comment. When clicked, it will take you to the bottom of the post, where you will see:

Comment 2

When you start to type in the box where you are to Enter Your Comments, the lower section will open up where you will, eventually, be required to enter your email address and your name. First name only please. (I will also accept nickname, or anything you might answer to.) The name or nickname WILL be public. The email provided will NEVER be used by me. I will always delete it before approving the comment and making it public. My deletion will prevent the public from seeing your email address. I never made it a requirement, before. And I am wondering if this was why I received so much spam and garbage.

Below this you will see two (2) check boxes, both asking WORDPRESS to email you if there are any follow-up comments made, OR if you want to be notified if newer posts are published by TheSteppingStones. That decision is totally yours. This is provided by WordPress as part of its service. When you are satisfied that your comment is finished and you wish to submit it, CLICK the Post Comment button on the right side. You are done.

In any event, I am hoping we might be able to have some stimulating conversations. Your name/nickname/alias whatever you wish to use will be the only mechanism to identify you. If the information is sensitive, then I would strongly urge you to make up a nickname, specifically for this purpose. May God bless you and this endeavor.