gods plan

Very often we have thoughts like, “I love God.” “God is wonderful”. “I would do anything for Him”. And the list goes on. At these times we feel like we are walking on clouds everything is right with the world. But then things begin to change. Our checkbook doesn’t balance. We have harsh words with our spouse. Our children are fighting with one another, or, with us. They don’t seem to respect us anymore. Our neighbors don’t like us. They don’t talk to us or maybe say bad things about us. Our Spouse’s job is in jeopardy and we need that money, very much. Everything seems to be caving in on us.

We began to have doubts. What is happening to us? This is not right. We don’t deserve this. God has turned his face from us. God doesn’t like us anymore. Why? What did we do wrong? What’s wrong with God? Doesn’t he realize we’re doing everything we can? We try to begin to try to put an infinite God into our finite box of a mind.

It doesn’t work that way. We cannot bribe God. We can’t think along the lines of … “I will do this and I will, therefore, get that”. It doesn’t work that way. There is no bargaining with God. Petite, little man does not challenge, nor tempt his God. It is implausible to say I will do this or that action, because that action is good. And, because it is good, God will love me because of it. That’s not how or why we conduct our lives.

God has a plan for each and every one of us, for you, for me, for our brothers and sisters, for our mothers and fathers, for our children, for our neighbors, and friends. Everyone has a plan, a purpose in the infinite mind of God. Our task is to figure out what His plan is for us. But we don’t discover His will, by studying God. That would be like trying to solve an infinite puzzle. His will, his plan for us is in our heart, already. He put it there. We cannot be ashamed of our thoughts, our feelings, or our actions. We are creatures that have weakened ourselves, by our striving for our own wishes, desires and goals.

God sees us as we are. He knows us as does a parent. He sees our weaknesses and He loves us, fiercely. The plan that He has put into our hearts, yours and mine, will overcome all of those imperfections that rattle around inside of us. To find that plan in our hearts, we have to trust in Him. We cannot be self-absorbed. It might seem natural to worry about all that is going against us, but that is exactly the time we should manifest our love, our belief in a loving God.

Look into the eyes of Jesus and you will see no disdain. He is not judging you. He is not demanding that you act differently. He is gently loving you, telling you to not be afraid. “Trust in me”, His eyes tell us. He has shown us how to live, how we are to love, who we are to care for. He has told us to follow Him. To love Him. To trust Him. The Apostles followed the plan in their hearts. God put that plan in their hearts, just as He put the plan for you in your heart. They were just poor fishermen, following the advice of a wonderful stranger, who asked them to trust Him. What miracles is He waiting for you to accomplish? Just trust Him.