Mystical Body2

What is meant by the Mystical Body of Christ? We know what a body is. But the body, we know, is a physical body. Mystical? What makes a body mystical? What is mystical? It is defined in the dictionary as having a divine or sacred significance that surpasses natural human apprehension. That points us in the right direction, but we, already, knew that it was beyond our comprehension.

I think this is where we should add some wood to the fire. I am not dancing around the question, but rather trying to shed some light, some Catholic Christian light on the topic. Think about the following:
1- Jesus’ act of creating the Eucharist, at the Last Supper
2- His act of giving His life in sacrifice for us,
3- His words, “He that eats this bread, shall live forever”-1
4- The concept of the State of Grace

Addressing #4, first: The state of Grace. This does not mean that we are “worthy” of receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. Who on this planet is worthy of receiving Jesus? The answer is: No one. The state of Grace is in us, only if we believe in Jesus, and are truly trying to follow in His footsteps of love and concern for “everyone”, and have true sorrow about any sinful acts, which we have committed. For it is only if these conditions are true, can we validly walk up to the altar and accept His Body and Blood. We are still not worthy, but are doing what He asked us to do, namely, “Eat this Bread”.

#1 and 3: Jesus knew He would be dying, and to be with us, He institutes the sacrament of the Eucharist. And He tells us, “He that eats this bread, shall live forever.” This, then, is not normal bread. Something is magnificently different about it. The Person who cured the sick, who raised His friend from the dead, who, Himself, would rise from the dead, tells us, “This is my body”. Who can doubt His words?

#2: In dying for us, He has wiped the slate clean. He gave His life for us. He has shown us how to live, how to love others, and what is important in life.

We profess to be Christians, followers of Christ. If these four concepts mean anything to us, then we believe that the host is truly the Body of Christ. The person, sitting in the pew in front of us, behind us, across the aisle, if they, too, believe these four wondrous statements, then they, too are receiving the Body of Christ. He is in me, in you, in all the people in the church. We are carrying Jesus within us. If we truly believe this, then each person that we meet who believes in the same way has Christ within them too. Jesus is the head of this Mystical Body, and we are the arms, the feet, the eyes, the tongue, the ears of Jesus. We use our arms to help people up, our feet to go to their assistance, our eyes see the wrongs and injustices of the world, and our tongues speak out against these injustices. We hear the cries of the world and, as best we can, try to soothe them. For you see, we, the followers of Christ, make up the Mystical Body. Where we go, Jesus goes … if we bring Him.

-1 John 6:59