While praying each decade of the rosary, meditate on some aspect of the mystery and apply it to your own life.

The Resurrection  –  The First Mystery:

Many references in the Old and New Testaments speak about three days. Three days in the whale, re-building the temple in three days, three days in the wilderness, and others, all heralding Jesus being buried for three days. Glo Resurrection There was no doubt that Jesus had died. He was seen crucified and buried. For it to end there, would have been a serious blow to His teachings. But, not only coming back from the dead, but in being seen breaking bread with others, people realized His words were true. He is the Son of God. Easter, the day we celebrate His Resurrection, is the most important feast day of the Catholic Christian faith. It is proof of Jesus’ humanity, in that He died, and, of His divinity, in that He rose up from that death. Our religion is one of hope and joy. It is not a time for long faces and sadness. Christ loves mankind, we have seen that proven again and again in His life on earth. He knows our weaknesses and reminds us that He has come to save the sinner, you and me. We, too, shall rise.

Ascension of Our Lord –  The Second Mystery:

Jesus spends forty more days with His followers. Presumably, He is answering their questions, and reassuring them that there is nothing for them to fear, for they too will gloriously rise. Christ’s bodily Ascension into Heaven, is a prediction of our own entrance into Heaven, glo ascensionnot just as souls, but as glorified bodies. Our souls will immediately go to our reward whatever our lifestyle has judged for us, but out bodies will wait for the resurrection of the dead at the Final Judgment. On that last day, the material world, itself, will be restored to the glory originally intended by God. The Ascension is a forerunner of the final day for all mankind. Lives that we live now, are steering us toward our final reward. The allure of this earth, its temptations for power, or glory, or pleasure, or material things can blind us and prevent us from living the life we should be living. What we see now, is a chimera, a dream, a fantasy, an allusion. We reach for it and it disappears. So we strive harder to attain it. But we grasp at air. Our reward, our goal, our quest is in heaven. Don’t lose sight of your purpose.

Descent of the Holy Spirit –  The Third Mystery:

Before He ascends to heaven, Jesus promises the Apostles the coming of the Holy Spirit. They, now, know that they will no longer see Jesus on earth. Fear gripping their hearts, they huddle in a small room praying, preparing themselves for this Spirit, Who is to come.glo descent For nine days, like a novena, they ask the Spirit of God to come to them. Picture this group, filled with emotions of grief at their loss, fear for their lives, confusion as to what to do, they truly don’t know what is going on, nor what is to happen. A calming peace suddenly, comes over them; a flame appears above each one’s head. They don’t question what it is. They try to stay with that peace as long as they can. No explanation is possible, but each knows that they are somehow different. No more fear, nor grief, nor confusion, the words of Jesus begin to make sense to them, their understanding comes together for them. Don’t ever lose sight of the gifts that come to us through the Spirit. Pray that He will come to you. Ask Him to enlighten you, and give you the courage to live the life that God has intended for you.

The Assumption of Mary into Heaven  –  The Fourth Mystery

What do we know about Mary? She, herself, was conceived in the normal way, but her conception did not have the stain of original sin. The Holy Spirit overshadows her. as a young girl, and she is to bear the child, Jesus. Not having original sin, herself, she does not have the effects of that sin, namely: death and tendency towards evil.glo assumption She is assumed into heaven. (Jesus ascended, by His own power. Mary is assumed, taken up by the power of someone else.) This great honor of being assumed into Heaven is shared by a handful of others, Enoch and Elija, to name a few. The role of Mary, both as the Mother of Jesus, and in connection with salvation history, emphasize the importance of her role in our lives. More and more, we realize that Mary’s association with mankind is one of Mediatrix of Graces. Through her the grace of Christ comes to us, and again, our lives on earth are sanctified as they pass through her hands to the heart of Jesus. This one mystery extols Mary and cries out to us to form a special bond with her, for she is like no other. Pray her prayer, the Rosary.

Coronation of Mary, as Queen of Heaven –  The Fifth Mystery

As though to emphasize her importance, we pray this last mystery. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and earth. The Queenship of Mary was established in 1954 by Pope Pius XII. glo coronation Within these past 100 years, we see the church recognizing the importance of Mary and the role she plays in our lives. It is also noteworthy to recognize that during these past 100 years, Mary has appeared to, spoken with, and performed more miracles for greater numbers of people. At the end of each appearance, the Queen of Heaven has urged us, the peoples of the world, her subjects, to pray the Rosary. She has asked us to pray it not only for ourselves, but for the suffering, the dying, the people waiting in purgatory, the sinners and the priests and religious. All are in need. The world is in need. The urgency of her words is there, for all of us to hear. Our Queen cries, as a negligent world goes about its busy day, caught up with its imagined “must do’s”, “must haves”. Are we listening? Please, Pray the Rosary.