While praying each decade of the rosary, meditate on some aspect of the mystery and apply it to your own life.

The Baptism of Jesus –  The First Mystery:

His cousin John has been baptizing people, preparing them for the coming of Jesus. As Jesus asks to be baptized, John recognizes Him. John protests saying, “It is I that should be baptized by you.” But Jesus insists.lum baptism After His baptism, a voice coming from the heavens is heard, saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” A dove appears over the head of Jesus. The Trinity is first manifested to mankind, the Father, the Son and the Spirit. At our baptism we, too, experienced this Trinity, as we, or our sponsors speaking for us, aligned ourselves into God’s hands and renounced Satan. How am I doing with my promises to God?

The Wedding at Cana –  The Second Mystery:

In a scene, recognizable to us all, a wedding of a couple, Jesus uses this to perform His first public miracle. Very much can be learned from this event: the sanctity of marriage, yes, lum weddingJesus’ power over nature, yes, but something else is here, as well. A mother, His mother, makes a request. They have no wine, a simple phase, yes, but we hear the urgency, the request for action, in her words. So too, today, Mary intercedes for mankind. Mary, our spiritual mother, intercedes for us, her children. To Jesus, through Mary. How close am I to Mary? Do I realize what an ally I have in heaven? This rosary is Mary’s prayer.

Proclamation of Kingdom –  The Third Mystery:

Jesus tells everyone who want to listen to Him, what is necessary to gain the kingdom of Heaven. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. lum proclamation kingdomI have come to call sinners, not the just. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Love your enemies, pray for those that persecute you. You are Peter and upon you I will build my church. With these words and others, Jesus announces to the world that a new era has begun. A choice must be made by us. And, this choice is not a one time deal, but is made continuously throughout our lifetime. How am I doing in renewing my choice? Does Jesus still appeal to me?

The Transfiguration –  The Fourth Mystery

Why the Transfiguration? Taking Peter, James and John and allowing them to witness this magnificent change prepares them for what lies ahead, His passion and death. To bolster their faith, He wants them to see Him in His glory. Again, a voice is heard, lum transfiguration“This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him”. So, when their doubts arise at His crucifixion, when they question, “How can this be? How can this happen”, they can think back to this moment in time and be strong. It is imperative that they experience this to parry the doubts, and questions that will follow. So too, today, we will be set upon by our own questions and doubts. Our belief, our faith will carry us through,,,, if we let it. We won’t experience the magnificence of the Transfiguration, but in searching Jesus out, we can feel His gentle love, know His staunch protection, if we let it. Do I?

The Institution of the Eucharist –  The Fifth Mystery

“This is My Body. This is My Blood” With these words, Jesus promises to be with us always, in this Sacrament. This was the first Mass.lum institution of Eucharist The sacrifice of Calvary is perpetuated throughout history. At this Supper, the priesthood is established so that they may continue to offer this sacrifice. In the Eucharist, we have the sacrifice offered, and in receiving it, we have the sacrament. We offer our thoughts, words and actions of this day to God, with the bread on the paten. In return, we receive from God, Himself. This holy covenant is fruitful to the extent that we offer ourselves to God. How totally do I surrender myself?