“O Lord, help me to understand your ways. At times I am
unable to understand them and I cannot see them. But take
me by the hand, as if I were a child, and lead me where you
want me to go, so that your will is done in me. Amen.” -1

Rather than putting a picture at the top, as I usually do, I felt that this prayer was much more explicit. I urge you to get a copy of Neil Velez’s book, “By His Wounds”, and read it. No, that is not correct, don’t just read it. Let it pour into your soul. Let it lift you up and let you feel the closeness and love of Jesus.

The prayer at the top, pray it slowly. Right now, stop reading this blog and pray the prayer with feeling, wanting desperately, to be one with its words. I will wait………. Now, isn’t that prayer saying everything that you feel, that you want? “O Lord, help me to understand your ways.” We spend our lifetime, looking for how we are to lead our lives, and never really being satisfied. What should we do? What magical way is there for me to become a better person? This quest, this desire haunts us, continuously. But our error lies in thinking that WE can do something, through our own efforts. You know, we do think too highly of ourselves, of the value and validity of our efforts. Lord, help me understand what you want, what your ways are.

This prayer continues on as to why we need the help of God. We don’t understand His ways, and most times we don’t even want to see them. We know what we want. We know what we desire, what we expect, and what we look for. But, truly, think of your life, how have you lived, and are living. Does it really mesh with God’s Will? For me, I know most often, I wrestle with a problem as to what direction I should be going. In the tossing and turning, something enters my mind, and I believe it is good, and so, I pursue it, AS THOUGH IT IS GOD’S WILL. Is it? Is this really what He wants of me? I don’t know, but it seems right, and so I clamor after it. I fear that most often I like the feeling, the emotional uplift, and as a result, proclaim to my mind, and my heart that this must be God’s Will. How is it for you?

God loves us. He really does love us. He created us, not for his own enjoyment, but that we could experience what Love is all about. What He is all about! Think of everything that this Heavenly Father has done for us. Life, no matter how difficult, provides us with the opportunity to love and be loved by God. We can see His beauty in the snow-capped mountains, the amazing sunsets, and a baby’s smile. He is all around us, loving us, and yes, protecting us. So, it is only natural that we be not afraid of Him, but trust in Him. Take my hand, Lord, as if I were a child and lead me where YOU want me to go, so that your will is done in me. We both know, Lord, that left to my own devices, I may not be able to find, nor follow your ways. I willingly give you my hand. Take it. Lead me. I trust in you. I, truly, trust in you. Amen.

-1 By His Wounds by Neil Velez, MDJ Ministries, Inc.