If we go back to the turn of the century, no, not the twenty first, the twentieth century, we see a whole different lifestyle, almost a whole different kind of people. The early 1900’s was a period of struggle. Finances were in short supply, for the most part. At least for the majority of people this was true. Money and security were sought not for the reasons of buying comfort, nor the buying of superfluous things. People worked to survive, to sustain life, to provide a roof over their family’s heads.

For you see, this was a time when familial pride meant everything to people. Religion, faith, heritage, decency, and the common good these were not just words, not just concepts; they were life, itself. You could not be satisfied if you had a full meal, and knew that your next door neighbor was starving. People helped people. Why? If they did nothing to help their neighbor, they could not look at themselves in the mirror. This was life. This was the way it was.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the customs, the mores changed. The common good became less common. Religious beliefs, our outlook on ourselves, and the bonds of family did not seem to mean as much to us, anymore. The waltz gave way to slow dancing, which in turn gave way to jitterbug, and then line dancing. (A priest I knew would say, “A country’s way of dancing, says a lot about its morals.”) Whether or not this is true, I don’t know. But I can say this. When we waltzed, and each person was in sync with their partner, that was also a time when we worked with each other, we assisted our fellow man. As the teamwork in the dance customs diminished, so too, did our teamwork with our fellow man. The music, as well as the dance routine, became less personal. Eventually, our dance became a person on the dance floor, showing his or her moves, which might (MIGHT) correspond to what their partner was doing. (If you could even tell where, on the dance floor, their partner was.)

Around the 1960’s, the God is Dead way of thinking started to take hold. How could an infinite, immutable, unchanging God die? Well, He couldn’t, but people could stop thinking about Him. People would become less concerned about the purpose of life, and the reason for existence. God didn’t’ matter, anymore. As far as some people were concerned, it was like He died. It didn’t matter what others thought. It was only important what “I” thought. And so, the “God is dead” period gave way to the “Me Generation”.

This new concept, that only my thoughts, my needs, my concerns are the most important things, ushered in a new way of life. Whatever, (and I do mean whatever) I want is good. And, since I want it, there is nothing wrong with it and MUST be allowed. If I want to experience sexual gratification, then go ahead, just find someone and experiment. Male or female it doesn’t matter, just as long it is who YOU want to be with at that time. If I don’t want the baby, it will cramp my style; it will inconvenience me. No problem, just abort it. What, abortion is not allowed? Well, change the laws; civil and moral laws must be wrong. They must be, because I want it. If I want to drive fast, ignore traffic laws…hey, go right ahead, this is what you want to do. It is my RIGHT!! It is what I WANT.

What aspect of life, right now, is not tilting towards what we, as individuals, want? We throw God out. (He got in our way.) We throw laws out. (They try to make me do what I don’t want.) ME, ME, ME, ME. We wonder why our world is in such chaos. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves. Picture a dance floor where the music is playing one song, but everyone on the dance floor is hearing a different tune, a different melody, a different beat. Everyone is doing their OWN thing. No wonder people are bumping each other, knocking others down. Our world is out of tune, out of step, as well. It lost the sheet music when it pushed to have God removed out of our life.

Individuals, people, citizens, countries do not work together anymore. How can they? They are all demanding that they be heard. They want their way, and ONLY their way. We, as individuals, must stand up for the common good. But, we must reflect on what we want, why we want it, and, is it right to want it? Remember, it is not justified simply because WE want it. That is not good enough; not anymore. It is time for objective Law to exist (both civil and moral). It is time for us to wake up to our own responsibilities. You cannot sit back and wag your finger, cluck your tongue, shake your head, and do NOTHING. We collectively, allowed this state of affairs to come about. We said nothing about Roe vs. Wade. We are saying nothing about gay marriages. We are acting out our “ME fantasy” and turning our heads away….just as long as it doesn’t affect ME. That’s not good enough, anymore. God STILL does exist. You are not the only apple in the barrel. It is time to do something. It is time take a stand. You can start by passing this on to people in your contact list, and praying that they, in turn, will pass it on to their contact list. You can start by remembering to talk to that God who supposedly died. Prayer is simply communicating with someone who is listening but not seen. (He does exist.) He has been waiting for us to stop this foolishness and come back to Him. The time is NOW. It is time to act and act responsibly. The time is YOURS!!