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What follows is a verbatim account of the Translator’s Personal Contribution to the book: “THE FLAME OF LOVE” (the diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann). Other than some bullets and the addition of the color blue on Our Lady’s words, this entire blog is a reproduction from that book. You can get the book at: www.theflameoflove.org . I cannot stress enough that this blog does not do justice to the entire book and its contents. I would also suggest you watch the video found there. http://www.theflameoflove.org/videos-urgent-request.html

Translator’s Personal Contribution
After months of being immersed in translating the Spiritual Diary, I would like to make a personal contribution to The Cause, as Our Lord and Our Lady so often called this work. There is no need to clarify this book. The words are very easy to understand. I would like to point out what is central in this diary.

Elizabeth Kindelmann
She is a remarkable woman, in every aspect of her life. She did not allow being an orphan to destroy her. At 33, she became a widow with six young children in a Hungary that was controlled
by Communism. She often worked two jobs in factories at low wages to support her family.

She suffered through the mystical dark nights without a spiritual guide. At 49 (1962), when Our Lord and Our Lady entrusted the great Cause to her, she was alone and tried to convince priests that these messages came from heaven. The Lord had deliberately kept her away from any formal schooling to prove that this Diary had a divine source.

In the course of her diary, she describes all the mystical favors received by the great saints, even though she doesn’t know the names of the favors. She experiences ecstasy, flights of the spirit, and divine absorption. With all of these favors, she remains totally humble.

Her ascent to God is always accompanied by greater sufferings. Jesus would remove one type of torment, only to substitute greater burdens. These sufferings were in her body, her emotions, her mind, and her soul. Nothing is spared yet she is filled with great joy. Some day, she will certainly be canonized.I hope that will not scratch away her many human elements.

Unlike Saint Margaret Mary and Saint Faustina, Elizabeth never enjoyed a vision of our Lord or Our Lady. She wrote that the Lord was sitting next to her, but then carefully noted that she” did not see him but felt his presence.” She enjoyed what St.John of the Cross describes as “locutions,” and the bulk of her diary records these words very carefully.

The Cause
In these locutions, Jesus and Mary speak frequently and urgently about “the Cause,” Elizabeth’s task to “put the Cause into action,” in other words, “to get it moving.” A very important question is, “Just what is this Cause?” I will try to answer that from my own immersion in the Diary.

• The heart and center of the Cause is the “Flame of Love of Our Lady’s heart.”
• This Flame of Love is the greatest grace God has given the world since “the Word became Flesh.”
• The purpose of this Flame is “to blind Satan” so he loses control over souls. These souls will regain their freedom, so they can choose eternal life.
• The central goal is the salvation of every soul in the world.
• Another important effect is the freeing of souls from purgatory.

Although all these tremendous graces will come from the Flame of Love, people must know about this Flame and how they are expected to respond. This is The Cause.

What Is Expected
The devotion has a special prayer: “Spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity.” People should say this as an ejaculatory prayer. However, Our Lady wants this prayer inserted into the Hail Mary after the phrase, “pray for us sinners.”

The center of Flame of Love is adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. The diary stresses a nighttime hour, when normally no one is there.

Our Lord wants someone adoring the Blessed Sacrament in every parish Church at every hour. Our Lady promises that no one who dies in the parish while someone is adoring will be condemned.

The devotion asks for a Family holy hour.

The devotion includes a strict fast (bread and water) every Monday until 6:00 PM.

Thursday and Fridays are also days of strict fast until 6:00 PM.

Prayer Groups
People are encouraged to receive the Flame and pass it on. The important means to accomplish this is the forming of parish or home prayer groups.

Abandonment to God
Intertwined with these prayers and sacrifices, is the spirit of belonging totally to God. All that is not of God and which absorbs the human heart must be removed.

By grace, Elizabeth was able to do this. At the same time, she was deeply involved in raising her children and caring for her grandchildren, most of whom moved back into her house. She lived in a little room in her garden.

Please, do not be overwhelmed. Our Lady does not expect the average lay person to suddenly reach these spiritual heights. Many sufferings and spiritual favors are unique to Elizabeth. The Diary is not systematic. It describes Elizabeth’s many struggles. As you read the Diary, you will see, as I did, many little things that you can easily do now. The Diary will get inside you. When it does, you will discover that Our Lady has placed her Flame of Love in your heart. If you persevere, you will experience all the blessings. Which God intends for you. May the Flame of Love be lit in your heart!