3 things

“Every now and then we see the world, as it is, and our heart, our very soul seems to sink. We see the ugliness, the selfishness, the way mankind treats one another and we feel so helpless. “Why do people treat each other so?’ we ask ourselves. It is so frustrating to be so helpless, really not knowing what, if anything, we can do. It is at these times that we must look into the eyes of Jesus for the answer.

While gazing at Him we must put ourselves into the very shoes of the people that discourage us. The immoral ones, the pleasure seekers, those questing for wealth and material things, the people that don’t like anyone, the people that think very little of the value of life, all of these we must try on their shoes. “Why should I do that? They are not me!” you declare in outrage. OK, let’s try a different tact. While gazing into His eyes, think of your own life. Think of that thing buried in the past that you really don’t want to think about. Think of those feelings, those hurts, those attitudes, those sins, those crimes even, that are buried in your past and you are glad that no one can see. The thought of “…it is good that nobody knows this about me, they wouldn’t like me, very much” is a good starting place. Oh, by the way, denial is not an option, because we ALL have these dark spots in our lives.

Are you still gazing into the face of Jesus? Don’t turn away in shame. Don’t avert your eyes. He is looking at you. Deep into your soul and … and … HE LOVES YOU. He loves us, in spite of all the ugliness that we have tucked away, hidden from people’s view. We cannot hide it from His view, nor do we need to. He really does love us. He loved Judas right up to the end, (and probably still does). He loved the soldier pounding the spikes into his hands and feet. He didn’t hate him, or wish him harm. He even loves the people in today’s world that are running amok, searching for something. He loves you and me, in our search for something. His love is unconditional. His gaze is not on the action that is driving the person. He is not focused on the lifestyles, or the immoralities, or the ugliness that we have. He sees a struggling, hurting, searching person that is desperate for relief, and doesn’t know where to turn, or where to look. His focus is on the person, on us.

Jesus is so very much a part of this world. We cannot bury Him in a history book. We cannot think of Him as living in a certain age or time. His message is so very much a part of the 21st century. His message is ageless. His hands are on our shoulders, as He looks into our eyes and softly encourages us, “Be Me”. Be me, when you see these people. They don’t need our condemnation; they need our love, our understanding. We cannot get bogged down in the filth, in the gluttony, in the search for pleasure, in the search for whatever is in vogue, today. Whether it is hammering a spike, or shooting a drug, we cannot, we must not focus on the evil being done. The person trapped inside that mind, that body, they are who we must see. He/she needs help our help. Maybe, it is our support they need. Maybe, they need our prayers. Maybe, they need us.

This is why it is so important to treat each person that we meet as a friend. Overlooking their actions, or rather into their actions, we just might meet someone who is looking for us. This cannot be pushed aside. These thoughts are Christianity, itself. We must see hope, when there seems to be none. We must see love in a loveless world. We must bring love to a loveless world. We cannot fool ourselves into thinking that it is up to us, or, on our shoulders. That is an impossible task. We must bring that same Jesus whose eyes we looked into when we expressed our own woeful lacks. The love that He has given us is not for us to keep for ourselves. Filled with that same love, we must look into the eyes of others.