Jesus 1to 5

No matter what your “ISM” is, it still needs Jesus. Let me explain. Agnosticism (Don’t know about God’s existence), Atheism (There is no God), Islamism, Buddhism, Shintoism, (all of these believe in a god or gods as their basis of religion but go no farther), Judaism (belief in one God but still waiting for the Messiah), Protestantism and Catholicism, (belief in one God and the Messiah came in the person of Jesus), all of these need Someone to represent their god.(See NOTE below)

Without a Jesus, God would be an impersonal deity, perched somewhere, probably above, looking down at his creation and who knows what. And that is exactly, my point. Who knows what? He would be impersonal. How can I say that? To be personal with his creation, he would have to reveal himself to it. Would nature alone be sufficient for man to develop a relationship with his god? I can’t see how a tree, or clouds, or mountains (though beautiful) would help man feel a closeness with his god, feel a bonding with his creator. Without Jesus, god would be mysterious, unknown, and probably looked upon as one to be feared.

So Jesus is not a myth to be viewed at Christmas time. He is not a child’s fairy tale. He is not someone who was dreamed up to impress people. No. He really walked this earth. In fact, He made such an impression on His times that people tried as best they could to put together a chronicle of the events that surrounded Him. He did live. Even natural historians of the time, wrote about him in their writings of the day. And, His followers also documented the events, not for historical purposes, but so that others might be able to glean a glimpse of Him, to impart a feeling of the importance of this person.

With statements, like ‘…the Father and I are one”, and “…he who sees me, sees the Father”, we get to realize that this MAN was not like any other. That same God, who we hold as the author of life, the creator of the universe, He came to live among His people. He came to show them how to live, how to treat one another, and how important each person is on this earth. Through His goodness, His love, His willingness to die for His creation, we get to know our God as a God of love. Yes there is a moral law. Yes we will be held accountable. But we also know that this God really cares for us. How do we know it? Because of Jesus! His way of life, His concern for ALL people, His stressing, again and again, the importance of living lives that are selfless, all of these showed us a God who is personal.

Ok, of all the “isms” then, Catholicism and Protestantism are the big winners! Right??? WRONG!!!! If their Jesus is merely a figurehead, then these religions aren’t any better than the other isms. If we put Him on a pedestal to be adored, worshipped, and prayed to… BUT NOT imitated, nor emulated, then He might as well be a myth. If we put Jesus on a cross accomplishing salvation for a mankind that grossly ignores and does not care about His message, then I hope He was a myth. I can’t imagine how a God/Man would feel knowing He sacrificed His all, He suffered almost intolerable pain, He was mocked at, ridiculed and scorned by His executioners, and the people who He loves, who He dies for, didn’t care. His life and death really didn’t matter to them, at all.

It is time for all of us to seriously look at our own lives. Don’t view your lives through those tinted glassed you have been wearing. WHAT IS CATHOLICISM? It is not just following a bunch of rules and regulations. I must go to Mass on the weekend. I should not eat meat on Good Friday. I must observe Holy Days of obligation. It is not “do this” and “don’t do that”. It is your loving of Jesus so much, that you want to be Him. You want to live as He lives. You want to view other people, not as you want them to be, but as they are, right now, struggling, dirty, foul mouthed, uncaring and still be willing to help them, care for them, still be willing to die for them. But to love Jesus that much, you must know Him, talk with Him, and view yourself as He sees you, as you are, not as you want to be. It is time to put away those rose colored glasses and see the world as it is. It is time to recognize that Jesus was not saying “Hey, look at me”. He was saying to all of us, “Hey, BE ME.”

NOTE: This is not a dissertation about any religion (including Catholicism). It is intended only to point out that it is time for ALL peoples of this earth to start seeing each other as brothers and sisters, and not as someone to be taken advantage of, nor persecuted. We ALL look up at God, the same God. We ALL are children of that same God.