multi Jesus

Towards the end of April (the 25th), in the article “Friendship”, I asked you whether or not you had a picture of Jesus on you? We have pictures of our friends, our children, our parents, but we don’t seem to think of Jesus, quite like these. You may argue, “But, I don’t know what He looks like”, or “They didn’t have cameras back then”. And you would be correct in both statements.

But the pictures in your wallet, how old are they? Do they really depict the people as they are today? Don’t they really represent the person, as you remember him/her? They might even point back to a time when they were much smaller, much younger. They might even point back to a time, when you, yourself, didn’t exist. In this last case, they are simply photos of a person whose life you heard about, but never met.

Close your eyes and try to picture what Jesus might have looked like. In your mind’s eye see Him walking with the Apostles, see Him laughing at something Thomas just said. How did His face appear when saddened by something a Pharisee said? When He was praying to His heavenly Father, wasn’t there a glimmer of an inner glow on His face? Let your mind rise above the mundane. Put yourself in His presence. Feel the joy and love that swells over you. When you feel that it is time to go, do you really want to?

Look through the myriad of pictures that portray Jesus. On the internet, you can find almost anything, there. Find one that really helps you feel His presence, for some reason, that draws you to it. You cannot explain why the affinity, but, you feel the bond. You know that this picture means something special to you. What? You don’t really know, but it does. Ok, that is the picture.

Without breaking any laws, duplicate it maybe five or six times. You might even enlarge one or two of them. Place these pictures on your desk, in your bedroom, in your car, on a wall in your house. Choose different rooms, different vantage points. These will serve as little reminders. They will help you, when you least expect it, to think of and possibly utter a prayer, at that time. You go from your house to your car, no problem, Jesus is there, too.

The best one is in your bedroom. You turn off the light and start searching for your favorite position to fall asleep. Look over to where Jesus’ picture is. You cannot see it, because the room is too dark. No problem. You KNOW He is there. You asked Him to wait for you there. Ahh, that’s it! My favorite position, knees tucked up, on my side. Once again, before closing your eyes for the night look over to where you know the picture is. Where Jesus is. “Good night, Jesus. Thanks for everything. I hope I won’t be as cranky tomorrow. I do love you.”