I was listening to a talk and the phrase was used, “Give your troubles to Jesus”. It got me to thinking about what troubles I did have and what were my concerns about them. All of us have problems. They might be physical, emotional, financial, social, familial, or any other “al” form. The question is, “what are we doing about them besides worrying”? Let’s say you are having family troubles. They can be of any variety. We try to correct them. We try to adapt. We try to ignore. We try anything that we can, to resolve the issue and lessen our own emotional involvement. But it does seem that things like family problems are immune to immediate resolution. There is nothing that we can do to bring about an immediate calm. They need to work themselves out. Our concern is, however, that the eventual resolution will not be to our liking, will not be the solution that we desire. That is really what we are worrying about.

What does that opening line mean to you? Actually, what does it mean? We know that a problem exists but all it causes is for us to be in pain, for us to worry. What does the anguish, the loss of sleep, the internal eating at our soul, what do they accomplish? They accomplish nothing but our own debilitation. “Give your troubles to Jesus”. Sounds catchy but in reality will it resolve the problem? I believe that what the phase is actually telling us is that our trust, our faith in Jesus isn’t where it should be. If we look to Jesus, and really see the love that He has for us, what could possibly exist that is more significant than Him? If we make them the crushing force that they seem to be, then our relationship with Him is lacking, somewhere.

Think of the Apostles as they gather around this Man who they don’t really know, don’t really understand. Peter walks on the water, but then realizes what he is doing and he begins to sink. Why? For a brief moment, he trusted in Jesus. But almost immediately, he realized what was happening and he trusted in himself, not Jesus, and began to sink. Thomas would not believe the other apostles, until he had proof. Even John, flees from the scuffle in Gethsemane, because he does not understand, at that time, who Jesus really is.

So, we trust in ourselves, and as a result, we worry, and fret over things that seem insurmountable. And they very well may be, if we trust only in our own devices, our own strengths, our own feelings. Look to Jesus. This is not some sweet nothing being uttered. This is not some daydream that sounds nice. Jesus tells us time and again, “He who believes in me…”, and again, “I am the way…” He really does love us. He is with us, right now, embracing us. But we are too fixed in our ways to recognize that He IS the answer to everything.

He looks at YOU, and smiles with love. He understands your dilemma, your problem and how insurmountable you think it is. Religion is not a bunch of “Do’s” and “Don’ts”, as in the Torah in the Old Testament.  It is a belief in Jesus. It is the realization that His heavenly Father loves us so much, that He sends Jesus to us. Again, not a pretty little story, but a reality that was, is, and will continue to be until the end of time. He sends Him, why? To show us how to live. To show us that our lives need fixing. To remind us that He is not only the Way, but the ONLY WAY. If we love and trust Him implicitly, what problem exists that could possibly overshadow Him? The “DO’s” and “Don’ts” have their place. But more importantly, we need to understand, love and trust Jesus and what He is to us. With that true understanding our lives will change, and willingly we will follow the “Do’s”. We will see His importance in our lives, and to the world that we live in. With our trust placed in Him and His love for us, we will know and accept that whatever happens in our lives is already in God’s plan.