take hand

I wish I could say just one thing, or put down one sentence, and the world would know and understand the goodness of God. That I don’t know that one word, that one sentence, means I guess I have a long way to go. I am in a very melancholic mood. I have been watching the History Channel’s presentation of “The Bible“. One event after another we see man’s readiness to branch away from God. Mankind murders its brothers, it pursues illegal love. Again and again, mankind manifests its pride in its own abilities… abilities given him by God. But he thinks it is legitimate to pull away from God. Since mankind has the freedom to move away from their God, and has the power to do so, it does.

How does God react? What does God do? He sends one wake-up call after another. He sends things and problems and people to help man come to his senses. But it accomplishes nothing. God has promised his undying love. He forms a covenant with man. But mankind casts that aside. So God sends His Son. The Christ comes into our world, showing love, preaching peace, doing acts of kindness and tenderness. Mankind not only casts this Messiah aside, it crucifies Him.

People where do we go from here? How does our world come to its senses? It is not enough for us to just sit back and wring our hands, and then feel justifiably wrought. We rock back and forth, as though in terrible anguish, but still we do nothing. “The world” that sounds ominous. How does one change the world? The world is made up of people, you and me. The world changes only when you and I change. Living a life, a Catholic Christian life, will affect others. And if enough “others” live that kind of life, the world WILL change. We are called to pray, fall on our knees and pray.  We are called to do something with our lives. We are called maybe to change our lives, help others, teach others, and lead by example. We are called to remember what it means to really and truly love our God. Whatever it is that God wants of us, of you, of me, are we doing it? Do we know what it is? Do we even care?  Hope and Trust in God. If you don’t, then we fall back and trust only ourselves, only mankind. That was the theme throughout the Old Testament, and still exists today.

We treat life as just so much gathering of things, as though they will make us happy. We gather. They fall short. So, we gather some more. We want security. We want comfort. We want pleasure. We want our sons and daughters to love, but give them no example to follow, to learn from. We don’t do any of this. We want. We want. We want… And yet, what we need is God, a relationship with God. We ignore his word, we ignore his church, we ignore his community, not only do we ignore, we will take advantage of any of those if it will serve our desires, our want.

God calls us to LOVE Him and TRUST Him. If we could do those two things with fierce intensity, EVERYTHING else will fall away into insignificance. We would realize just how insignificant they really are. He wants us to re-direct our lives, if we have to. He wants us to grow closer to Him, to love Him. How do we get closer to God? Well, for starters, do we read His Word in the Bible? Not like a novel, should we read it, but with thought, and understanding, and personalization of those words. We must internalize those thoughts, and honestly apply them to our own lives. Do we talk to Him in prayer? Prayer is not just rattling off some words that we have committed to memory, but with our hearts, our feelings, and our thoughts. Can we simply talk to Him? Tell Him how our day is going. And thank Him for that day. Tell Him of our concerns for others, and ask Him to enlighten us as to what we can do for them. These are all tasks that we will discover on our own, in our own way. We won’t find the how-to-do-it in a book. We won’t be given a magical pill that will bring these things about for us. We need to strive and learn of God. There is an urgency for us to love Him for all that He has done for us and for our families. We have to move away from the step by step monotonous ways of our lives. We need to look at Him and take His hand. He waits for us. He wants us to be with Him. And He waits. How can you NOT take His hand?