The horrific events of yesterday will linger in our minds for a long, long time. At the 7 o’clock mass last night, the celebrant spoke of the incident in these words, “The person who can commit such a crime, does not know God.” The inference there is that the action of killing children, innocents just starting out in their lives, is an offense against God, Himself.

These events are becoming far too commonplace. The danger is that with each occurrence our own sense of outrage is lessened, becomes used to such horror. Each time an event such as this happens, there is a hue and cry for better gun control… and then … all becomes quiet. The clamor again is raised the next time it happens… and then, it becomes silent, once again. Gun control is important, don’t get me wrong. But regardless of what is legislated, what is made into law to curb the proliferation of guns there will always be those terrorists, those people who mistakenly think they are acting for God and are willing to cause such horror. Their very actions attest to the fact, that they really do not know God. They do not know the source of love.

We, the bystanders, the people who are shocked, the people who are horrified will exclaim, “Why? Why do these things happen”? We look for an answer where there seems to be none. We look for logic, in a totally illogical act. But we do already know the answer: “The world has forgotten God”. We remove Him from our town halls. We remove Him from our speech. We remove the holidays, the holy days that remind us of Him. Oh, we don’t do the actual removal. No… we let others do it. We let them, by our silence. If we still remain silent, how will others learn about God?  If God is removed from our libraries, our words, our actions, our very lives, how will others, who are just starting out, learn about God? What responsibility falls upon us?

If our Catholic, Christian faith tells us to go out and bring Christ to the world, why then do we allow the silencing and removal of our God? How can we allow it? Each of us, truly, must look within ourselves and find that spark of faith that still resides in us. We cannot, no, we…must not, let it go out. That spark must be fanned with our actions into a raging fire of love for the Christ.  We don’t have to speak words about Jesus 24/7. We don’t have to walk around with a Bible in our hands. We simply need to believe in the words and life of Jesus. We need to let them truly become a part of us. Then, and only then, will we speak of Jesus 24/7. Not with our words, however, but with our actions of kindness, understanding, and recognition of others’ needs.

Our lives will speak of Jesus, of God and of goodness. Our actions will defend our beliefs, strive to prevent injustices, and recognize that all are struggling. We have to get off the fence of doing nothing. There once was a time when it was commonplace to hear the words, “See how the Christians love one another”. We cannot let the words become, “See how commonplace the Christians are.” Pray to God to re-ignite the fire of love within you. It is not impossible. It is simply a matter of love for others before we look to our own comforts.