Lord, you are so beautiful. You and you alone will satisfy my hunger. All that you have created is beautiful. Why do I not seek you out, every moment of the day? Why am I only thinking of myself? Every time we rush to get ahead of someone, we think only of ourselves. Every time we lust after a woman or a man, we think only of ourselves. We don’t care about the other person. We wish only to use them for our satisfaction, for our pleasure. We hate. We steal. We abuse. We murder. When do we do all of these things? Whenever, we put our own interests above those of other people.

Why is this so? All that I desire should be you and you alone. But, very often, you are farthest from my thoughts. This world, our world, your world is filled with such beauty. We would see it, if we would but only stop for a moment and quietly look. Every tree, every flower, butterfly, lady bug, squirrel, rabbit, everything …has a purpose. We have a purpose. I have a purpose. If this were a painting, each aspect of it would occupy an integral part. But, this IS a painting…Your painting. And each of us has a role to play, a purpose. You have created this world for the benefit of mankind. Its beauty reflects your own beauty. It is your gift.

Each of us has been created and is part of your loving, divine plan. Each of us has a purpose in your creation. And yet, our lives many times shout out, “To hell with my purpose”. I want only to satisfy myself. And in so doing, THAT has become our sole purpose, our own satisfaction, our own gratification. In short we are saying, “To hell with others and their needs, only I matter.” You do matter. You are important to others. Others are important to you. We are the dots of paint that blend into the entire theme of life. We are part of creation. We depend upon others and others depend upon us. You cannot abandon other people. To do so, you will abandon the purpose of your life.

If God can cry, or hurt, or be disappointed, we can only imagine what is felt when we and all that we do are seen by God. His love for us is infinite. His patience for us is infinite. His just reward for us will also be infinite. This is not to discourage us, but rather to help us grow and come closer to Him. The only way we can do that is to pursue our purpose in life, the purpose He gave us when creating us.

You say that you don’t know what your purpose in life is? He has told us through His Word, His Son and His Spirit. The Scriptures cry out in every passage about the love of God, the mercy of God or the justice of God. Jesus, his Son, said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. He has shown us how to live, how to act, how to grow close to God. The Spirit of God fills us continually with His love. What is our reaction to all of these? Do we look within and see our faults, our waywardness. When we see this do we try, really try, to resolve our ways? Do we burn inside with a desire to reach out for God? Do we realize that in reaching out to our fellow man, (the rest of creation), we reach out to God, Himself? Or… do we turn our heads away? Do we rationalize how good we are most of the time? Do we favorably compare our self to others? At least I am not like…