Fantasy, what is it? The dictionary defines it as the forming of mental images; imaginative conceptualizing; a daydream; a hallucination. Psychology defines it as a conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need. Keep these thoughts in mind for the moment, while we explore a different thought process.

How do you envision yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you feel that you are the best or the worst in everything? Where do you fall in the dislike/like process? I believe many of us see only our faults, our inadequacies, our failed attempts and become convinced that we are hopeless. Both male and female of the human family experience these feelings. However, when we see ourselves as hopeless, or as being unworthy, what do we do about it? Hold that thought for a moment.

On the other side of the coin, do we feel that we are masterful? Do we see others as merely poor creatures, who would love to be like us!!! We are so glad that we aren’t like them. We have so much to be proud of we don’t walk down the street, we strut. But at some point in our life, a thought creeps into our mind that silently whispers, “I am living a lie.” What do we do about it?

Either way of thinking can leave us grasping at straws to help us survive, to help us keep our head above water and not drown in the reality of our own personal truth. For when we recognize that we are far from what or who we think we are, in those moments of lucidity, we grasp at anything to keep the “dream” alive. (A daydream, if you will: a fantasy.)

We come to a crossroads. At this point we need to make a decision. We are great, we are grand; but silently, we know we are not. Or, we always feel woefully inadequate, and always put up a false front. Either way we can see only one way out of our dilemma … we will perfect and polish … the image of who we would like to be, who we want others to see. And so, the fantasy grows. It is this fantasy that we should, no … must … take a look at.

We said earlier that a fantasy was a dream, a hallucination something conjured up to fulfill a psychological need. We are truly at the crossroads. Our recognizing of these imperfections, these short-comings has brought us to this juncture. What we do next will determine whether we live as the world directs us, or as Christ has shown us.

Everyone wants to be liked, wants to be popular. These are natural human bonding qualities. To what extent do we wish to be liked? What are we willing to do to be liked? How important is it for us to be liked? Each of us needs to address and answer these questions, at some point in our lives. The more important it is for us, then the more we are willing to do to accomplish it. Unfortunately, it is easier to perpetuate a false image, than pursue our accurate image.

Everyone who commits a crime sees “something good” resulting from the action. It will get them money. Their life will be made easier. They will experience pleasure. They will get more powerful. They will be liked, feared, catered to. Each “good” that they perceive they will acquire, has first been perceived as a requirement in their fantasy world.

”Wait a minute”, you say. “I am not a criminal. I just want to be liked”. Do you imagine yourself as being popular? Do you think of yourself as being clever? Powerful? Envied? What perception of yourself does not really ring true to who you are? THAT is your fantasy. THAT is what brought you to the crossroads. The choice is waiting for your decision. Maybe you have already made it, without realizing you made it. NOW is the time to re-think what you are doing and where you are going. As was said earlier, the world would have you just fall in line with everyone else, and travel the easier road. Keep the fantasy alive and stoke the flames of falsehood.

The other road, what does it take to travel the other road? Christ has shown us that He loves us. The very people who are struggling with wanting to be liked, Jesus loves and dies for. He didn’t say redemption was contingent on our being liked, by people. He did say that we are to love one another, and that the Truth would set us free. This road is not a cake walk. It is difficult to speak about love when people speak negatively about us, behind our backs. How easy is it to speak for the unborn, when it seems the world doesn’t care about them? The people living out their fantasies seem hell bent on making our dreams disappear, and we are to love them nevertheless. How difficult is that?

Christ accepts us, loves us and dies for us. All that He asks is that we are true to Him, true to ourselves. No airs. No false fronts. No masks. “And the truth shall set you free”. Think about that statement. What does it say about our masks, our fantasies, our cravings?

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