Hello….??? Rise and Shine!!! It’s time to wake up…… And, so begins (sort of) our emergence from death’s sleep into …eternity. Who is standing before us when we are awakened? Is it an angel? Is it someone from our past? It wouldn’t be God…. Could it? There must be a hierarchy even in death. Who (or what) wakes us into eternity?

That is something we will discover when we read the eternal blog. Until then, maybe we should think a little about death, our death. This is not intended to be a morbid subject. Actually, I hope that it is anything BUT morbid. I used to know a priest friend that meditated on death. He had a full scale skeleton in his room. He did teach medical doctors about the anatomy of mankind, and hence, the skeleton.

Anyway, I digress. You may wonder what value is there in thinking about the hereafter. This is not an exercise to scare us into proper living, or ethical actions. This is just a reminder that an eternity does exist. This is to call back from the depths of our earliest memories, the fact that God, a loving God, created us with a purpose. He made this purpose unique for each one of us. Look at yourself in a mirror. There is something special about you, something that God gave to only you. That, “specialness”, entails a quality of thought, of feeling, of longing that you, and only you, have. And depending on that “specialness”, is a single purpose that you, and only you, have.

We need to examine our life. We need to look back and identify all the times, the many times, that God’s finger touched us. Those times, that God was involved with our life, may have guided us away from danger, or gently gave us another option to choose. However it was, whatever it was, His love for us moved Him in our behalf. Love is a strange commodity. It demands that the lover is ready to give all, just to help the one loved. The same demand exists for our God. His creatures, mankind, you and I are so totally loved by Him that He did give His all for us.

So what is it, that we have, that makes God take such an active interest in our life? An artist does not worry, or sacrifice for his creation, his art. Why would God be concerned about us? Worry for us? Die for us? I believe it all goes back to that single purpose that each of us have. Someone exists in this world whose path has crossed, or will cross, ours. That someone needs something which we have. His life depends on that single purpose which God has given to our life. Each person in this world has a need for someone else’s single purpose. And so, a web-like connection exists between all peoples. It is love that binds us together, that prompts us to be concerned about others. And through that love we are able to give what we have been given.

So why are we … here on earth? What is our purpose in life? God surely did not create mankind to see who could acquire more wealth than anyone else. God doesn’t jump for joy, just because we have more technical toys than others. The quest, for mankind’s purpose, is one that is very obvious and yet most difficult to attain. To discover our purpose in life, probably takes a life time. And the only way we can discover it is to see where God has been guiding us throughout that lifetime. What  thoughts, feelings and longings seem to be consistent, and constant, in our lives. Our life’s overall direction and the intertwining of those feelings and thoughts that we seem to always have, together they help us determine our purpose in life. They seem to be a compass showing us the direction our lives are headed, showing us what God has given to us to pass on to others.

We want to live so that our purpose is fulfilled. We want our lives to cry out that we thank our God. And, we do thank Him, whenever we treat ALL of His creatures with genuine love and concern for THEIR well-being. We give to our fellow man, whatever it is that we have, whatever it is that we have been blessed with, whatever it is that we have learned throughout our lifetime. We give ourselves.

So, who is it that is waking us up into eternity? Is it a smiling God, beaming with pride, that this creature found their purpose in life? Is it all the people that we helped throughout our lifetime? I hope so. I truly hope so.