What does it mean to be a human being? What are we speaking about when we talk about our humanity? What does the word humanity mean? Humanity is… (Don’t use ‘human being’ in the definition of humanity.) That which makes us feel? Or think? Or rejoice? Or love? Can humanity grow? Can we grow? Albert Einstein said that, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” What does that statement mean? More importantly, what does it say about mankind’s efforts to grow?

You can read this piece and say, “hogwash”, or maybe “that’s awesome”, or still maybe “so what?” The question doesn’t go away just because we ignore it. I remember hearing on TV once that if the automobile industry had made the same progress that the computer industry did in just its first 10 or 20 years, we would have all been driving in cars that would run all day on a gallon of gas. (… Or, maybe no gas at all??) Where would we be if we, as human beings, had made the same progress? Where would our world be, right now? What would our humanity be capable of at this time?

Our humanity is something special. Our creation by God has woven all mankind, the entire universe together. We are not distinct from one another. We are not competing with each other. We feel each other’s pain (or rather, we should feel the pain of the wounded, the dejected, the hopeless, and the ashamed). We are not distinct; we have a common bond. The common bond that joins us to one another is simply God. Whether we call Him, God, or Yahweh, or Mohammed, or whatever, we are revering the One Supreme Being that brought this world together. Yes, together. We in our infinite stupidity are separating this world. We think we are distinct. We think we are separate and must trample one another, be better than the next person, have more friends, more wealth, and more possessions. Why? Why, you ask. Why of course to get ahead and … be liked. We find it difficult to like ourselves, so we feel that no one else must like us either. So we accumulate … things … to prove our worth to ourselves, to show that we are lovable.

Christ walked this earth, showing us, showing all mankind, that we are truly brothers. “I have come to save sinners”, were His words. But they mean something. Who in all of mankind, other than Himself, does not fall into that grouping? You are no better or no worse than your next door neighbor. Each is loved by their Creator. Each was saved by their redeemer. The same “stuff” that went into their creation went into yours, as well. That “stuff” is the very spirit of God. The fire of His love burns in you, in each of us. Yes, of course, He knows how wretched we can be. He knows our depravity, our selfishness, our unwillingness to bend or yield. He sees the very depths that we are ashamed of… and wonder of wonders… He loves us!! He loves all that we can be. He sees us, as we were meant to be. And, He sees us as the struggling people that we are. Like the dog chasing his tail, we do not know how to get out of this endless repetitive circle.

But what if we could? What if we could break the circle and move on? Breaking that circle would mean that we start treating those around us, right now, with respect and genuine concern. Do YOU deserve to be treated with respect and concern? Then so do THEY! Don’t look at their home, their belongings, or their life style to determine how you will treat them. They deserve your respect and concern, because they, too, are loved by God. They are His creations, as well. Slowly, our thoughts don’t center on ourselves, but on others. Slowly, the human race starts to look at each other as brothers and not as obstacles. This cannot happen overnight. Much prayer and introspection needs to be done. We must see ourselves as Christ sees us, struggling but with great potential, falling but picking ourselves up and trying again. Then, and only then, can we see others as our brothers, as well.

I often think of the amazement that the Disciples had when they had gone out and cured people both physically and spiritually. You could almost hear the laughter in their words, “And the seventy-two returned with joy, saying: Lord, the devils also are subject to us in thy name”-1 For believing Jesus and His statement that anything they did in His name would be granted to them by God, they went out and treated their fellow man as brothers, maybe for the first time. And so, they were no longer the fearful followers of Jesus, but believers whose humanity grew. They became closer to their fellow man and in so doing became closer to their God.

Isn’t it time that we allow our humanity to grow? It’s time, to stop seeing only our needs, our limitations. Belief in Jesus, belief in a loving God, our Creator, will help us become one with our God, with ourselves, with our fellow man. In that bond of love we may, for the first time, see the connections that draw us together, and not simply focus on what separates us. Lord, Help my unbelief.

-1 Luke 10, 17

A request: If you feel there is a truth in this article that would help others, please pass this on. All of us, all humanity needs to start growing.