We read in the Old Testament of God calling the people, “My People”. That is very touching, but what does that have to do with me? He was referring to the Jewish nation, wasn’t He? No, not really. All of mankind was tied up in those two words. He told us, His creations, that we are embraced by Him.

It is kind of like a painter who paints his masterpiece and quietly smiles. He knows that this particular work will be his favorite painting. The painting just rested on the easel receiving the attention of the artist. It did nothing out of the ordinary to receive this embrace. The brush strokes were made with loving care, by this Artist. He knew how it would turn out. He knew that this creation would prove to be obstinate, would choose to do things that hurt Him, but He loved this creation without reservations.

Think about it. What did we, you and I, do to deserve this love? Did we act differently? Did we strive to love Him better? When we fail, does His love for us decrease or cease? He loves us. His love is not based on what we do or don’t do. And yet, don’t we feel, at times, that we must act a certain way else we will lose His love? It is like we think we are going to force God to love us. This is absurd because He loves us unconditionally. He already loves us!

So then, I guess, it doesn’t matter what we do. God will still love us, regardless. Right? Before we go down that path, let’s ask ourselves a question. “When we came into this world did WE FORCE our parents to provide for us?” No, they saw us as someone who was dependent on them, who needed them. They did as best they could, with what they had. They might not have been the most gifted, or the most intelligent, but they saw us and tried to love us as best they could. They loved us to the extent that they were capable. They might even have felt that it was best for us if they gave us up for adoption. What I am trying to say is that if people, who are far from being perfect, can feel this bond towards their children, how much more so does God care for us?

What then is our response to this love? It is not something that is forced. It is not something that flows out of duty. “Bonum diffusivum sui”. Good diffuses itself. Good begets good. Once we truly recognize what it means to be loved unconditionally, then and only then, can we begin to love God back. We do not love Him because He did so much for us, but because we can. If we are His people, and He is our God (our first and foremost love) then our lives will reflect this unity with Him. We are not doing things because we should. We are not striving to gain more love, more favors from Him, because of how we act. No, our love for Him, the Creator is reflected in how we treat this universe, this planet, this country, our neighbors, ourselves. All of these are His creations. And in honoring them, respecting them we show our love for our God.