Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

TheSteppingStones has been and will always be a place for religious conversations, thoughts and practices. Our Catholic Christian beliefs would be meaningless, however, if they do not spill over into our daily life and affect our struggles and our joys. While living in a society that seeks the betterment of ALL, we must focus on the struggles of ALL as part of our daily life. When the “I”, and the “ME” take precedence over the “ALL”, we have anarchy, not democracy. In the spirit of our Catholic Christian beliefs we must be aware of and support anything that will truly help ALL of our citizens.

Can you picture in your mind any of the above presidents advocating the passage of a new law, or referendum based solely upon party lines? Or, pushing for something, so that they would stand a better chance of being re-elected? The adherence to party lines, regardless of benefit to the common good, places our government totally out of control. The common good is the ONLY reason for passage of any bill, referendum, tax or law. The benefits to ALL must be our priority and the priorities of our elected officials.

Many wrongs have been enacted over the 200 plus years of our history, by members of ALL parties. To point to any one party is to view our problems through rose colored glasses. When elected officials cast their votes because they will profit, either financially, or politically, or socially they are no longer serving the needs of the people, but themselves. It is not the common good that they are striving to protect, but their own common good.

It does not end there, however. If we, the voters, vote for issues that will protect only our finances and not the welfare of others as well, are we not just as guilty? If we vote to ensure that public welfare will continue to grow, so that we don’t have to work, are we not just as culpable? The almighty dollar has prostituted our thoughts, and our reasoning. Corporations send jobs overseas, so that their bottom line will prosper. The America that protects these businesses, – the America that struggles to find jobs, – the America that wonders about its next meal … well that America is of no concern to these moguls.

Wake up, America! This is not just rhetoric. Our nation is falling down the economic, political, and moral ladder. Yet, we still regard ourselves as a wealthy nation, a learned and concerned nation. Hear that? What you hear are all the other nations snickering at us. The mighty has fallen. We have only ourselves to blame. We don’t make factories. We don’t make jobs. We don’t make products. We are not independent, but dependent on others. We do, however, make billionaires and poverty. We do know how to protect self interests, and special interests, though. This is not a reproach against any one leader. It is a censure on the path our society has taken and continues to take, the path of ME! If it benefits me then it is ok, then it is good.

Our nation was founded on working with one another, helping one another, striving to achieve the unattainable. We knew our limitations and dedicated our nation to God. Yes, God. The same Being that we now ban from our schools. We strip Him out of our libraries. Who needs God? We have made OURSELVES god (or so we think). We don’t need to believe in a Creator of ALL. Why would we??????? We have ME! And then we wonder why our nations lag behind in social justice.

I don’t normally ask you to pass blogs or emails along. But, if this was not just rhetoric to you, if you feel deep inside that it might be touching a buried truth within you and others, please, please pass this on to your email friends. Let’s storm the minds and hearts of our nation. Let’s wake up our leaders. Let’s remind ourselves that this nation is not here to take care of US. We are here to take care of each other in the U.S.