There are many joys in this world. They happen every day. But, joys can slip right by us, if we aren’t paying attention to them. They still happen, it is just that we are too busy with dishes, or vacuuming, or our job, or worrying over bills to notice.

How many times in your life have you fed a baby? If you are a parent, then the answer will be “numerous”. If you have never fed a baby, you can still understand that that joy can be easily overlooked. During the feeding, look down at the infant cradled in your arms. The look on its face is one of total concentration on what is being done. He/she is oblivious to the surroundings; is not concerned about who it is that is holding the bottle. The focus is solely on… the Bottle and what is necessary to be done to get the formula.

The baby’s face reflects the peace of that moment. It does not have a care in the world. He/she trusts the arms that are holding it. The only interruption to the taking in of the nectar is the occasional pause necessary to regain its breath. After which, the baby continues its quest to drain the bottle.

And so it is. A joy bundled in our arms, a miracle taking place before our eyes, but our thoughts are elsewhere. We are thinking of what must be done next. We are picturing where we will be going tonight. We are worrying about the latest problem that has unfolded and causing us concern. Our thoughts are everywhere, on everything else, but not on the infant in our arms. And so the joy that is with us slowly disappears as does the formula in the bottle. And when the bottle is empty the chore is over. We move on to the next item on our list of things to do.

Our Father in heaven provides for us, protects us, feeds and nourishes us. His acts of love are as subtle, at times, as the baby drinking from its bottle. If as a parent we can provide for our children, how much more so will Our Father in heaven provide for us. The joys that He sends our way can be accepted, can be embraced, and can be sought out. Or, unfortunately, they can also be ignored, or not even observed. We, again, can be so caught up in the scheduled events of the day that the person’s smile, the baby’s laugh, the smell of the garden all go by unnoticed.

People can go through their entire lives convinced that God is an un-caring God that He is impersonal, or that He does not even exist. Because they have not seen His works in their life they decided long ago that He wasn’t real, that He didn’t care. But we know that what preoccupies our minds, what matters most to us will drown out everything else. We can be our own worst enemies. We pay no attention to God because of other things in our life, and so we don’t see God’s hand in our lives. And so we come to the erroneous conclusion that God must not exist.