Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald

I was getting ready for the day and I read a sentence about God’s repeatedly calling us. A song flashed in my head from a movie a long time ago. Before I was born, a movie made in 1936, called “Rose Marie” starred Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. In it they sang a duet, entitled, “Indian Love Call”.  The first lines were (following some very long oooooooooooohhh rhyming with you): When I’m calling you, will you answer too? Anyway, this song popped into my head. (Yes, I am that old, to remember it.)

The point is that every day of our lives, without exception, our loving Father in heaven beckons us. He calls us to do His will. (CLICK …… many minds just turned off.) Unfortunately, we think of His will as being something very devout, very religious, and very unnatural. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Every day, His call comes to us. It comes with people, with events, with our surroundings. These are things that we experience… every day. He does not want, nor expect us to put ourselves into seclusion, to shut out all that we see and feel and hear, in the name of religion.

We hear, time and time again, that we should love one another. (Ooops, another … CLICK.)  This doesn’t mean that we are constantly smiling at people, treating them with some plastic glued-on face. It means that we are sharing our life, our experiences, yes, even our failings, if in doing so we can help someone else with their problems. This is the love that we are to have. This is what is meant by God’s will.

You might say, “What do I have, that can benefit anybody?” What do you have? Your life. Your experiences. That is what. This has been said before, that each of us is unique, that each of us has something that no one else has. Yes, we have problems, we have worries and concerns, and we have faults and sins. Some of these we are struggling to overcome, and some seem to be overcoming us. But in that struggle of yours, you ARE learning something about yourself and about the situations. From your perspective of this or that, you are unique. You have something that someone else needs to know. What have you learned? How did this make you feel? How do you think that person in a similar situation feels?
Put these two thoughts together. God is calling us every day in our life and our experiences. And love is being concerned about everyone with whom we come in contact. If we see our struggling selves, know our faults and good points, and realize that God is loving us all the while, then we must recognize that others also are struggling and are loved.

We don’t have to go stand on a soap box at a corner and berate ourselves for who we are, or what we have done. All that God wants for us (His will) is that we recognize the similarities of each person’s struggles. He want us to embrace each other, knowing the hurt and shame that they feel and wishing to alleviate and encourage them, in some way, because we have been there, too. This is God’s call to us, every day of our lives. Can we answer it today, and every day of our lives?