“If you should hear My voice, harden not your hearts.” This is a phrase we hear time and again in the Bible. The God, who made us, loves us and is concerned about us, He cautions us not to turn a deaf ear. If we should hear his voice!! He is not saying, “If I should speak to you”. That is a given. God constantly speaks to us. The question is, “Will we hear it”?

God pours Himself out to us always. His love speaks to us in a cool breeze when we are hot and uncomfortable. He manifests His greatness and beauty in those magnificent sunrises and sunsets. He sends us friends who console us, are concerned about us. He sees our worries and concerns, our fears, our transgressions. Through all of these He assures us that His love is constant. It does not waver. He does not waver. He is beside us, strengthening us so that we can cope.

“If you should hear My voice…” – the important word is IF. How many times do we see, hear, feel and experience all of the above and simply pass them off as “nice”, or “refreshing”, or “co-incidences”? If we truly believe that God is infinite, that He loves us totally, then why would we think that He doesn’t speak to us constantly? Maybe, we need to ask ourselves a question. Do we believe He is infinite? Do we believe that He loves us totally? Do we believe that He speaks to us constantly?  What do we believe?

This infinite God constantly displays His goodness, His love, His beauty, His faithfulness. This same God also gave us free-will. It is up to us to seek Him out, to find Him, to hear His voice. He will not shout His word at us, so that we must believe His message. He presents it in the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, in the rustle of a tree’s leaves, in a cool wind, in the smile of an acquaintance. But, in our anxiousness over an illness, an unsettling day, an unruly child, in all our worries and concerns we can easily miss God’s voice. His voice will be heard in a normal, everyday kind of experience. And, at that time, in that place, under those circumstances it is something totally unexpected but, oh so totally meaningful. “Why, right now, did that happen?” We know it is special to us. We know it is God speaking to us. About what …? Its significance, its meaning is for us to ascertain. Here is where we delve into His words for us and understand their significance. We must be open to His thoughts and apply them to our lives. This is where the rest of the phrase comes into play. “…Harden not your hearts”.