People come in and out of our lives. Some enter with great fanfare and then quietly, drift off, or maybe, we just move on. Others’ entrances are less notable but we know they are there, and maybe, for a time, we even like what we see. Gradually, they also take a back seat in our lives. Still others, almost immediately, we see or perceive something that tells us that this isn’t right for us. BUT… the sneaky ones, they show up one day hardly making a noise. We might not even notice them the first one or two times we encounter them. They seem to mesh with the scenery. And so, these people blend so seamlessly into our lives that they become part of our life. And then it seems so natural that we can’t imagine ever being without them.

Think of all the people that you have met over your lifetime. They all fit into one of these categories. But the people who you associate with, who you want to be with, there is something special about them. You feel comfortable with them and, they you. You can feel your heart smile, when you see them approaching. You share with them your joys and your heartaches, knowing that their love will treat both emotions with kindness and respect.

Friendship is like that. The bond that grows between friends gets stronger and deeper, the more we are together. We get to know each other’s good and bad points, but because they are our friends, we tolerate, ignore, but understand their struggles. We know that they feel the same about our foibles, as well.
What we are describing here is a relationship that continually grows and deepens. (You know where this is going…) What can we say of our relationship with Jesus? Let me repeat a line said earlier. “The bond that grows between friends gets stronger and deeper, the more we are together”. Jesus is always with us. So, if we are not together, we must be the part that is pulling back. It is one thing to say, “Oh, my Jesus”, and “Oh, my God”, but these words do not form the friendship. The friendship gradually forms between us and Jesus when we strive to “chat” with Him, when we bare our souls and our struggles. It is during these times of sincerity, and openness that we get to know His love for us. Our belief in Him fosters our hope. And these two allow us to ultimately trust Him. Trust is the knowledge, the certitude that the Other respects and cares for us. Having this trust in Jesus, we place our lives at His disposal. Not my will, but Thine be done.